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Sunil Pal Slams Sunil Grover for Dressing Up as Women on Comedy Show; Says “Comedy Karo Na, Ye Sab Kyu?”

Veteran comedian Sunil Pal has been stirring controversy with his outspoken remarks regarding The Great Indian Kapil Show, especially since the announcement of its impending end. Taking to his official social media platforms, Pal expressed his satisfaction at the show’s conclusion and suggested that Kapil Sharma and his team should return to television, asserting that they are not suited for OTT platforms.

In a recent explosive interview with Times Now News, Pal directed his criticism towards comedian Sunil Grover for his portrayal of female characters on The Great Indian Kapil Show, accusing him of presenting these characters in a vulgar manner. Grover, renowned for his portrayals of characters like Rinku Bhabhi and Gutthi in the past, currently portrays the character Chumbak on the Netflix comedy series. Pal lamented how the show’s creators depict female characters in a distasteful and crass manner, expressing his discomfort with Grover’s portrayal of women. He remarked, “Sunil Grover acts like a woman in the show and sits on people’s laps. It’s disgusting. He wears women’s clothes and makes vulgar comments. It’s not right. It looks vulgar and low-class. Women aren’t as desperate as they’re portrayed to be. Why do all this instead of focusing on comedy?”

The 49-year-old ace comedian also addressed the audience’s dissatisfaction with the new Kapil Sharma show, likening the episodes to repeated telecasts despite having a team of 40 writers. Pal expressed disappointment at the apparent lack of energy among the comedians on the show, emphasizing the need for fresh content and diversity in character representation. Despite fans eagerly anticipating a reunion between Kapil and Grover following their rift, their collaboration failed to make a significant impact.

Pal urged Kapil Sharma to diversify the show’s content and incorporate characters from different regions and backgrounds. He remarked, “The entire show seems Punjabi; the writers and directors are all Punjabi. Kapil Sharma should consider diversifying the show by introducing characters from different cultures like Madrasi, Marathi, etc. Mimicking an actor is child’s play and seems very childish.”

The Great Indian Kapil Show featured a plethora of celebrities, including Ranbir Kapoor, Neetu Kapoor, Diljit Dosanjh, Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Vicky Kaushal, Parineeti Chopra, and Aamir Khan. Throughout its one-month run, these stars graced the stage and shared insights into their personal lives, adding to the show’s allure and popularity.

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