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Is Reddit unimpressed by Sara Ali Khan’s performance in Murder Mubarak?

Reddit is not impressed with Sara Ali khan’s latest release on Netflix last week. Sara Ali khan, Vijay Varma and Karishma Kapoor are the leading stas in Murder Mubarak.

Many are in impressed with Shara’s performance in the Homi Adajania film. They took to Reddit to share how Sara needs to take immediate acting lessons.

Many people took to Reddit to point out how Sara stands out being strange while sharing screen with Vijay Varma and Pankaj Tripahti. One user said,“I really wish that instead of flaunting her degrees, she had done theater to understand acting a lot more before coming to Bollywood. Acting school is 100000000 times more important for current lot of actresses than PR image or fashion shows.”

Sara Ali Khan cannot act.
byu/notyourpieceofcakee inBollyBlindsNGossip

Another Redditor wrote,“Looking at the rn. The first time I watch her in a movie for some reason I thought she was bad, but she’s actually better. But no. She is so so so bad. Her face is so irritating and her expressions are worse, none of the dialogue feels natural even in simple scenes, she’s bad. I can’t believe it’s been ‘acting’ for over 5 years.”

One said,:“Yes, and her acting stands out as particularly bad with so many great and veteran actors. It is probably not fair that she is in the same frame as Pankaj Tripathi, Tisca Chopra and Vijay Varma. There was a post that said Karsima was stupid, I don’t know what I’m talking about, she was fantastic in the little she was given, effortlessly going from a B-list actress to a single mother hiding a dark secret. It should be on screen more.”

Another commented: “I agree Sara Ali Khan 100% can’t act. She is beyond repair. In an interview, she said that she had to reveal what she knew for this film. It’s clear she didn’t because she’s just as bad as she’s always been.”

Another user said, “I think she’s good looking and can speak good Hindi in general, but she’s not an interesting or believable actor. She doesn’t seem to deepen the role or character at all. Vijay Varma on the other hand also had a very simple role but could do the expressions, pauses, eye contact very well. It’s just missing something with Sara, she seems to be playing a role, a caricature.”

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