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Ankita Lokhande Faces Trolling for Wearing Shorts During a Recent Temple Visit, Sparking Online Backlash and Debate Over Attire; Netizens Asks “Mandir Main Aise Kapdhe Pehan Ke Kaun Aata Hai?”

Ankita Lokhande, renowned for her roles in popular television serials like “Pavitra Rishta” and her appearance on the reality show “Bigg Boss 17,” found herself embroiled in controversy following a recent temple visit. Despite her intentions of seeking blessings, her choice of attire—a casual ensemble consisting of an oversized t-shirt and shorts—sparked a wave of criticism and debate among netizens.

The incident unfolded in Mumbai, where Ankita was captured by paparazzi cameras on her way home from the temple. While she attempted to explain her actions, the sight of her in shorts raised eyebrows and triggered a barrage of disapproving comments online. Many questioned the appropriateness of wearing such attire to a place of worship, igniting a heated discussion on social media platforms.

Videos of the incident circulated rapidly online, capturing Ankita’s attempts to shield her face from the cameras. However, instead of deflecting attention, her actions seemed to intensify the backlash, with accusations of overacting adding fuel to the fire. Netizens expressed their disappointment and frustration, emphasizing the perceived lack of respect exhibited by the actress through her choice of clothing.

Comments flooded social media platforms, condemning Ankita’s attire and questioning her judgment. One user remarked incredulously, “Who wears shorts to a temple?” while another criticized, “Wearing shorts in a temple? She needs mental treatment.” The barrage of negative remarks continued, painting Ankita in a negative light and highlighting the polarizing nature of online discourse.

This incident is not the first time Ankita has found herself under the scrutiny of online critics. Previously, when she shared a video reacting to a dust storm in Mumbai, her demeanor was deemed inappropriate and trivializing by some. Critics accused her of attempting to appear cute while being oblivious to the seriousness of the situation, further complicating her public image.

Ankita’s transition from television to the silver screen, particularly her portrayal of the courtesan Amrapali in an upcoming film, has kept her in the spotlight. However, her recent encounters with online criticism underscore the challenges of navigating fame and public perception in the digital age. Despite her professional accomplishments, Ankita remains subject to intense scrutiny and judgment, highlighting the complexities and pitfalls of celebrity in the era of social media.

As the discourse surrounding Ankita’s temple visit continues to unfold, it serves as a poignant reminder of the power and pitfalls of online judgment, prompting reflection on societal norms, individual expression, and the dynamics of public scrutiny in the modern age.

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