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Malaika Arora was ‘Aghast’ when a person wrote she could afford expensive gifts because of ‘fat alimony ‘

Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan has ended their marriage of 19 years in the year 2017. Malaika Arora in her recent interview said she could wear expensive outfits because of ‘fat alimony ‘.

In her recent interview with Pinkvillla, Malaika shared that the network a person creats,on their hard work, goes down because of such remarks. She also added that no one forced her to marry early,she herself thought that she needed to do it then because it was “the best option I had at that moment “. She also added that after being married,she realised it wasn’t what she wanted. However she was “quotioned and rediculed”.

Malaika Arora said, “The time when I got divorced, I don’t think there were too many women in the industry who had decided and move on. Everybody said, Suddenly she decided that she wants to divorce. But no, I felt, for me, for my personal growth,my choice,I had to feel okay within if I had to make my kid happy and make my kid flourish in his space. So that’s what I did.

Malaika also added that “ Somebody decided to carry a ridiculous article that I was wearing as to how expensive it is,and they said,‘clearly she can afford it because she got a fat alimony'”.

In the year 1998 Malaika ana Arbaaz tied knots and got divorced in 2017. They both have a son named Arhaan Khan. Since a long time now Malaika have been dating Arjun Kapoor. Later Arbaaz Khan have also married Sshura Khan. They had the nikkah ceremony last year around Christmas.

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