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Aamir Khan Says About the ‘power of Namaste’; Being a Muslim He Understood the ‘Power of Namaste’ During the Shoot of Dangal in Punjab

Recently Aamir Khan said that he ‘understood the power of namaste’ during the shoot of Dangal in Punjab. Aamir praised the people of Punjab for being ‘very respectful’ towards him.

Recently Aamir was invited as a guest on Kapil Sharma’s show for the first time. Aamir shared a lot of anecdotes from his acting career in the latest episode of Netflix’s The Great Indian Kapil Sharma Show. He by anticipating the humanity of the people of Punjab and said that he has learnt the ‘power of namaste ‘ from them.

Aamir Khan said,”This is a story which is very close to me. We shot for Rang de Basanti in Punjab, and I really loved it there. The people, the Punjabi culture is full of love. So, when we went for the shoot of Dangal, it was a small village we were shooting in. We shot for more than two months in that location and that house. You won’t believe it, but when I used to reach there at around 5 or 6 in the morning, as my car entered, people would stand outside their homes just to welcome me with folded hands and ‘Sat Sri Akaal.’ They used to just wait to welcome me. They never disturbed me, never stopped my car, nothing. After my pack-up, when I would return, they would again be standing outside their homes and would greet me ‘Good Night.'”

The actor also shared the despite of being muslim, he wasn’t used to fold his hands and greet people with ‘namaste’. He stated, “I belong to a Muslim family, I am not used to folding my hands in ‘namaste.’ I’m used to raising my hand (gesturing adaab, the way Muslims greet each other) and bowing my head. After spending those two and a half months in Punjab, I understood the power of ‘namaste.’ It’s such a wonderful emotion. People in Punjab have so much respect for everyone and do not discriminate based on stature.”

Aamir Khan was last seen in Laal Singh Chaddha (2022) in which he played the lead role. He had also made a cameo appearance in Revathi’s Salaam Venky (2022). Kajol played the lead role in the film. Aamir’s upcoming project is with Sunny Deol for the film Lahore 1947. The movie is helmed by Rajkumar Santoshi and is backed by Aamir Khan.

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