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Kannada TV Actress Jyothi Rai’s Private Videos Leaked Online And Is All Over The Internet

Kannada TV actress Jyothi Rai’s intimate videos have been leaked online. Jyothi Rai is a well-known face of Telugu industry. She was a part of the daily soap, Guppedantha Manasu. The actress is also known got her bold presence in social media. Now the actress has made headlines for her leaked private videos.

Hindustan Times reported that intimate photos and videos of the actress has been revolving around the internet. Reportedly, the actress has created sensation in her social media account. The actress portrays the mother of the male lead in the daily soap which is a much older role than her actual age. The actress also showcases bold photoshoots on her Instagram. She also created waves on Instagram by sharing the news of her second marriage.

Reportedly, an X user has been threatened for leaking the complete videos of the actress in his YouTube channel which had 1000 subscribers. They have also attached a few screenshots from the video which made their point clear.

After that many X users have tagged the Bangaluru Police through the social media platform but the police haven’t responded yet. The pictures are also circulated through WhatsApp also.

Kannada TV actress Jyothi Jyothi Rai is known for her role in the television series, Guppedantha Manasu. Besides that she has gained a fan base by captivating images on social media. She has also gained limelight with her news of second marriage with Telugu director Sukumar Poorvaj.

The actress got married at the age of 20 but got divorced later. She also has a son from her first marriage who is 11 years old.

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