Salman Khan Starts Training With Paramilitary Forces for The Bull

Salman Khan Starts Training With Paramilitary Forces for the Bull

Salman Khan and Karan Johar are teaming up again after 25 years for Vishnuvardhan’s film, The Bull. Salman is intensively training for his role as Brigadier Farukh Bulsara, a paramilitary officer leading Operation Cactus in 1988 in the Maldives. The film’s mahurat shot took place in Mumbai on December 29, and Salman is preparing rigorously, training for 3.5 hours daily along with dietary adjustments.

The Bull, produced by Dharma Productions and directed by Vishnuvardhan, explores a heroic mission by the Indian Army during a coup attempt in the Maldives. Although the release date is yet to be confirmed, filming is set to start in February, with an expected release on Eid 2025. The production aims for authenticity, planning elaborate sets in Mumbai and emphasizing historical accuracy over VFX. The film delves into Operation Cactus, showcasing the Indian Armed Forces’ success in restoring order during the 1988 crisis.