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Panchayat 3 Actress Neena Gupta Recalls the Challenging Experience of Shooting for the Series in 47°C Heat: Says “Kaam Nahi Hai Toh Bohot Takleef Hoti Hai”

Neena Gupta Reflects on the ‘Challenging’ Experience of Shooting Panchayat Season 3 in 47°C Heat

Actress Neena Gupta, celebrated for her versatile roles and remarkable performances, recently shared insights into the arduous conditions she endured while filming the highly anticipated third season of Panchayat. In a candid interview with Indian Express, Neena recounted the grueling experience of shooting in extreme temperatures, with the mercury soaring to a blistering 45°- 47°C. Despite the physically demanding circumstances, she expressed a sense of fulfillment and gratitude for being part of a show that has resonated deeply with audiences.

The Challenges of Shooting in Extreme Heat

Neena Gupta described the physical toll that filming in such intense heat took on the entire cast and crew. She vividly recalled a particularly challenging scene where she had to fall off a bike on a road strewn with pebbles and gravel, under the relentless sun. “We had to shoot in 45°- 47° temperature. This time I had to fall off a bike. There were pebbles and gravel on the road and upar se dhoop thi (and it was hot). It was challenging for all of us — for the actors, for the technicians. Actors could at least stand in the shade with fans in their free time. It was physically very tough to shoot this and maybe that’s why people are liking it because it is so genuine, so people relate to it. Mehnat toh karni chaahiye (one should work hard), it was fun,” she explained.

Despite the adversity, Neena highlighted the camaraderie and dedication that bound the team together, making the experience both rewarding and memorable. The authenticity of their efforts is perhaps one of the reasons why Panchayat has struck a chord with viewers, who appreciate the genuine portrayal of rural life and the relatable struggles of its characters.

Gratitude and Optimism for Future Opportunities

Neena Gupta, who has seen a resurgence in her career with critically acclaimed roles, expressed profound gratitude for the opportunities that have come her way. “It is a very exciting phase. I thank god for it at least twice-thrice every day for this phase, I got Panchayat and other work. At this point, I am taking care of my health and hoping for good work to come my way because only work can keep you going in life. Kaam nahi hai toh bohot takleef hoti hai, kaam hai toh jeevan sukhi rehta hai (It is difficult when there is no work, life is good when there is work),” she said.

Her reflections underscore a deep appreciation for the work she does and an understanding of the significance of staying engaged and productive. This sentiment resonates with many who see Neena as a role model, not just for her acting prowess but also for her resilience and positive outlook. Also Read – Panchayat 3 Review: Jeetendra Kumar, Neena Gupta Show is High on Emotions; Report

About Panchayat and Its Future

Directed by Deepak Kumar Mishra, Panchayat has become a beloved series on Prime Video, known for its heartwarming and humorous depiction of life in a rural Indian village. The show stars Jitendra Kumar as Abhishek Tripathi, an engineering graduate who, due to lack of better job prospects, takes up the post of a secretary of a panchayat office in the fictional village of Phulera in Uttar Pradesh. The cast also includes stalwarts like Raghubir Yadav, Faisal Malik, Chandan Roy, and Sanvikaa, each bringing depth and authenticity to their roles.

The third season of Panchayat, which premiered on May 28 in Hindi and several regional languages, continues to explore the nuances of village life with a mix of humor and pathos. According to the director, fans of the series can look forward to at least two more seasons, promising to delve deeper into the lives and stories of the characters that have become household names. Also Read – Panchayat Makers Creatively Market Season 3 Release Date in Vegetable Markets, Read More to Know Full Details!

Neena Gupta’s reflections on the challenging shoot and her gratitude for her current phase of life offer a glimpse into the hard work and dedication that goes into making a show like Panchayat. Her experiences remind us of the relentless spirit of actors and crew members who work tirelessly, often under extreme conditions, to bring authentic and relatable stories to the screen.

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