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Panchayat 3 Review: Jeetendra Kumar, Neena Gupta Show Is High On Emotions; Report

Panchayat season 3 showcases the political rivalry on the grassroot level which 8s waved with love and humour.

The third installment of the Panchayat series has been the most anticipated one. Panchayat 3 is installed with surprises, adjustment, bedazzled and flatters. The beginning of the show starts with a all new chapter of politics of rural India and bureaucracy. The series features Jitendra Kumar, Neena Gupta, Raghubir Yadav. The series may have some loose ends.

Panchayat 3 is written by Chandan Kumar and is helmed by Deepak Kumar Mishra. By watching the show you will be experiencing a wave of emotions which will make you cry, laugh and nostalgic at the same time.

The beginning of the series is with the transfer of the sachiv ji. Then after 5-10 minutes, the audience returns to Phulera. The series then deals with the theme of handling grief, community and they help each other which depicts the importance of unity. The show didn’t disappoint its audience in terms of twists and turns.

The show has successfully kept sync with the Lok Sabha elections as it delves into the village politics and corruption at the grassroot level. The show retains a very simple storytelling technique.

The music of the series has been composed by Anurag Saikia which reflects the mood of the story. The filmmaker have also tried to deliver a fresh approach of bringing the supporting cast in order to drive the story forward. The director has made each one a hero in their own style and way. Actor Durgesh Kumar who has portrayed the role of Bhushan Sharma has an interesting arc. He threatened the lead character and manages to emerge as one of the most strong roles of the series. Also Read – Panchayat 3 Ott Release: See When and Where to Wat Jitendra Kumar’s Web Series

The second season has ended with a gut-pubch after the death of Rahul, an army men and the son of Phulera Panchayat’s deputy chief Prahlad. The third season sees Prahlad grieving in the loss of his son.

The most fascinating aspect of the third season is the subtle transformation of few characters. The most dramatic conflict of the third season I’d over Phulera residents’ primary woe which is lack of proper road. The MLA tries to settle a score with Pradhan who is Raghubir Yadsv.

Th Panchayat series came up as a refreshing change over the other shows. The tension in Phulera rises this time but it doesn’t have violence.

The main highlights of the show are understated charm and high-drams in mundane village scenarios. Amid all these, the series remains within the world of familiar peculiarities and challenges.

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