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Bigg Boss OTT 3: Vada Pav Girl AKA Chandrika Dixit Gives Shocking Statement; Says “My Father Got Married 4-5 Times, I Hate Him”; Read More to Know More!

Chandrika Gera Dixit, also known as Delhi’s famous Vada Pav Girl, has recently stirred significant emotions among viewers of the controversial reality show, Bigg Boss OTT season 3, hosted by Anil Kapoor. Chandrika, who gained fame through her entrepreneurial venture of selling Vada Pavs in Delhi, has shared a deeply personal and painful part of her life on the show. Also Read- Bigg Boss OTT 3: Poulomi Das Criticizes Anil Kapoor for Not Addressing Shivani Kumari’s Sexist Comments, Calling for Accountability in Such Instances! Read More to Find Out!

In a heartfelt conversation with fellow contestants Ranveer Shorey and Munisha Khatwani, Chandrika opened up about her tumultuous relationship with her father. This revelation came about when Ranveer Shorey, an actor and fellow participant, spoke about the profound loneliness he felt following his father’s death in 2022. This discussion seemed to strike a chord with Chandrika, prompting her to share her own experiences of parental loss and abandonment.

Chandrika revealed that she lost her mother at the tender age of six, a devastating event that was compounded by her father’s subsequent neglect. She recounted how her father, who struggled with alcoholism, frequently left her in the care of various relatives instead of providing the support and stability she needed during such a vulnerable period. According to Chandrika, her father remarried multiple times, further alienating her and making her feel unwanted and unloved. “Mujhe nafrat hai us aadmi se, jab mujhe jarurat thi tab wo mere sath nahi tha,” she shared with a heavy heart, expressing her deep-seated resentment towards her father for his absence during her formative years.

Chandrika’s story took a somewhat positive turn when she mentioned her maternal grandmother, who stepped in to provide the care and affection that her father failed to offer. Her grandmother’s decision to adopt her officially brought much-needed stability and love into Chandrika’s life, allowing her to eventually find her footing and build her own identity.

Chandrika’s participation in Bigg Boss OTT 3 has brought her personal story to the forefront, resonating with many viewers who might have faced similar familial challenges. Her candidness and willingness to share such intimate details have added a poignant layer to the show’s dynamic, showcasing the real human experiences behind the reality TV façade. Also Read- Ajith Kumar’s “Vidaamuyarchi” First Look: Stylish as Always and Ready to Conquer

Bigg Boss OTT 3, streaming on Jio Cinema, features a diverse lineup of contestants including Ranvir Shorey, Armaan Malik, Kritika Malik, Deepak Chaurasia, Lovekesh Kataria (Luv Kataria), Munisha Khatwani, Sai Ketan Rao, Sana Makbul, Shivani Kumari, Poulomi Polo Das, Sana Sultan, Vishal Pandey, and rapper Naezy. The show has already seen the eviction of Neeraj Goyat and Payal Malik, adding to its ongoing drama and intrigue.

Chandrika Gera Dixit’s revelations have not only highlighted her resilience but have also provided a deeper understanding of the personal struggles she has overcome. Her journey from a neglected child to a celebrated social media personality and reality TV contestant serves as an inspiring testament to her strength and determination.

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