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Do Aur Do Pyaar Actress Vidya Balan Reveals She Got Addicted to Smoking After the Movie ‘The Dirty Picture’: Says “I Would Smoke 2-3 Cigarettes a Day”

Vidya Balan, renowned for her roles in successful films like The Dirty Picture, has always been known for her candid nature. In her recent interviews surrounding the release of her latest movie, Do Aur Do Pyaar, she opened up about various topics, including her experience with smoking and the impact of The Dirty Picture on her career.

During a conversation with YouTube channel Samdish, Vidya Balan disclosed that she developed a smoking addiction after her role in The Dirty Picture. She admitted that although she knew how to smoke before the film, she had never indulged in it seriously. However, portraying a character authentically required her to overcome any hesitation, leading her to embrace smoking for the role. Despite no longer smoking, she confessed to still enjoying the scent of smoke, recalling her college days when she would stand near smokers at bus stops.

Reflecting on The Dirty Picture, Vidya shared how the film liberated her, despite initial fears about wearing revealing outfits. The movie’s success reshaped perceptions of her, highlighting that sexiness transcends physical appearance. She emphasized how the experience empowered her, ultimately freeing her from self-imposed constraints.

Transitioning to her latest project, Do Aur Do Pyaar, Vidya discussed the film’s narrative centered around a married couple experiencing a rift in their relationship. Their journey to rekindle their love amidst external influences unfolds against the backdrop of a trip to Ooty. Critics and audiences alike have praised the film for its portrayal of relationships, with Vidya Balan’s performance alongside Pratik Gandhi earning particular acclaim.

Beyond her acting roles, Vidya has been vocal about prevalent issues in the film industry, including nepotism and favoritism. Her willingness to address such topics reflects her commitment to transparency and authenticity, traits that have endeared her to audiences.

In summary, Vidya Balan’s recent interviews shed light on her diverse experiences in the film industry, from overcoming personal inhibitions to navigating complex roles. Her journey exemplifies resilience and authenticity, inspiring both her peers and fans alike. As she continues to challenge norms and embrace new opportunities, Vidya Balan remains a formidable force in Indian cinema.

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