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Kamal Haasan’s Reactions On Shah Rukh Khan’s Wishlist; Wants To Buy A Plane

Recently Kamal Haasan spoke about his unfulfilled desires in a tell-all conversation with his daughter Shruti Haasan. They both collaborated on a music video for the first time which was titled as Inimel. The father-daughter duo had also released a video which was titled as Legacy of Love. In this video they discussed everything about love and relationship. Kamal discussed about his materialistic desires and also talked about the wishlist of Shah Rukh Khan.

Shruti asked about an unfulfilled desire of his father. Kamal replied, “There are a lot of those, a lot. My intention is not to list all of them. Listing them makes you go, ‘I want this, that, and this.’ That’s when I remind myself, at Eldams Road (where his old family home is situated), my father gave me a small room that could perhaps fit two pianos. It was on the top floor… so, the heat! The restroom was three floors down. My father’s attitude was, ‘You know a lot so stay here. When you think you can’t go on like this, tell me and I will buy you a cow that you can rear’.”

Kamal also said, “So, I used to lie down and think, all I want is ₹10,000 per month. I would make a list of things I would want to do with that money. I don’t even remember the things on that list. But those wants helped me sleep. I wanted to buy a scooter, then I wanted to buy a car. Now, when I have the wealth to buy all of those things, ‘I wonder what do I want? A plane?’ I recently watched an interview of Shah Rukh (Khan). He said he wants to buy a plane. I felt happy seeing him because he still has a list. Personally, I feel, I shouldn’t have any list. I am not trying to become ascetic. Where is the end to it? Okay, if I want a plane, I wonder, how much will I use it? If I buy a big house like this in Kodaikanal, how much time will I spend there? Maximum one month. Then I will run back here. Why should I then buy a bungalow there?”

Kamal Hassan’s upcoming project is Shankar’s Indian 3 and Mani Ratnam’s Thug Life. Kamal is also to appear in a cameo role in Nag Ashwin’s Kalki 2898 AD which is to be released on Junr 27. Shruti will next be seen in Salaar Part 2: Shouryaanga Payvam which is directed by Prashanth Neel. The movie also features Prabhas. Shruti will also be seen in Shaneil Deo’s Dacoit with Adivi Sesh.

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