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Family Star Actor Vijay Deverakonda Slammed by the Netizens; Receives Flack for His Dialogue in the Film as It is Giving R*pe Threat

After the OTT release of the film Family Star, thr film had heated a debate because netizens criticised Vijay Deverakonda because of a controversial dialogue in the film. Thr makers of the film has been called out. Thr scene shows the hero gives threat of sexual assault to women of the goon’s family.

The Family Star is helmed by Parasuram Petla. The movie stars Vijay Deverakonda and Mrunal Thakur. It hit the theaters on April 5. Thr film has overall received a lukewarm response. The film consists quite a few cringe-worthy scenes but in one of them Vijan’s character, Govardhan can be seen uttering a problematic line. The film was digitally released on Prime Video on April 26.

In that problematic scene a goon player by Ravi Babu comes to Govardhan’s house and propositions his sister-in-law in return for money her husband owes him. In the meantime Govardhan by using this opportunity to issue a threat in return.

After a spiel on how women should be treated, he beats up the goond in the presence of his family. But after a few seconds, he himself issued a thinly veiled warning against the women in Ravi’s family. By this scene your antagonist and the audience ate shocked.

After the film released on OTT, the viewers took to their X and called out Vijay as he agreed tu utter the line. They also called out Parasuram for penning it.

A user by taking the screenshots of Vijay wrote, “And the movie’s name is Family Star.” Another by wondering if they understood the line correctly wrote, “You’ll find many reasons not to watch this irritating Family Star. But this reason tops my list! Few people I met said that they will react the same way! Naaku Wrong ga Ardamaindha or Meeku anthena! Cheppandi (Did I understand the dialogue wrong)?”

A user by summing up the scene wrote, “In Family Star, the ‘hero’ bashes up the goons of a muscleman who preyed upon the women of his family. And then, proceeds to give a rape threat to the women of goon’s family. That’s all I have to say.”

Another wrote, “I am hoping Telugu fans are not defending this with their usual ‘cinema ni cinema la choodandi’ (watch a movie as a movie) logic.” People also called the actor a ‘disgrace’ to the film industry.

Vijay was once questioned about why people who ‘criticise’ Arjun Reddy somehow don’t ‘laud’ him for starring in Dear Comrade. He replied, “I don’t know misogyny; it’s not there around me. I might be biased because I don’t know the extent of it in households. But if you corner me for being neutral and take my case, I can’t stay calm.”

He further added, “The women and men who are having an issue with Arjun Reddy, are they applauding me for Dear Comrade? If we’re fighting for women’s rights, you should sit there and congratulate me for Dear Comrade and Pelli Choopulu. But no one wants to talk about it. It just becomes like propaganda.”

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