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Pyar Ke Do Naam Trailer Out: Danish Javed Directorial is a Contemporary Love Story Which Has a Modern Perspective on Love

The film Pyaar ke Do Naam is helmed by Danish Javed and is produced by Reliance Entertainment. The movie weaved a modern love story which is infused with the philosophies of Gandhi and Mandela which is set in Aligarh Muslim University.

Once again Bollywood has delved into the venture of love stories. The main aim of the movie Pyar Ke Do Naam is to present a contemporary take on love which resonates with today’s youth. After the teaser release, the film has sparked the curiosity among the viewers.

The narrative of thr film is inspired by the various romantic works of Danish Javed himself such as Ishq Subhanallah Sufiyana, Pyar Meta and Sanyasi Mera Naam. The movie also encapsulates morden day love story which infuses them with deep emotions and perspectives on love.

The story of the film unfold a peace seminar at Aligarh Muslim University in which the characters Aryan Khanna and Kaira Singh are portrayed by Bhavya Sachdeva and Ankita Sahu respectively. They share their research findings on Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi. The film is a unique blend of romance and intellectual discourse that sets the stage for their love story. The movie’s lines blend with wit and affection which suggest a love story which intertwines with thr ideologies of the great leaders.

The movie also casts Kanika Gautam, Achsl Tankwala, Deepti Mishra and Namita Lal. The production team is led by Vijau Goyal and Danish Javed. The co-producer is Shahab Ilahabadu who promises a cinematic experience which is both meaningful and entertaining. The music of the film is composed by Anjan Bhattacharya and Shabbir Ahmad. The lyrics have been penned by Danish Javed and Vasim Barelvi. Singers are Javed Ali, Ritu Pathak, Raja Hasan and Swati Sharma .

Pyar ke Do Naam is a film that questions and explores the essence of companionship and sacrifice which is inspired by the principles of Gandhi and Mandela. Vijay Goyal the producer, highlights thr backdrop of Aligarh Muslim University into an unique setting for thr love story which is influenced by the love ideologies of these historical figures.

The film is set to hit the theaters on May 3. The film will explore the depths of love against the historical ideologies. The film will offer you a fresh narrative which also provides a chance to see new fa es of Bollywood’s evolving landscapes of love stories.

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