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Aamir Khan Hints On Working With Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan; says, ‘Saath mein ek film to banti hai’

Recently Aamir Khan appeared on the latest episode of The Great Indian Kapil Sharma Show. The actor revealed there that he is manifesting a film with Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan together.

Aamir Khan had hinted and expressed about his desire to share the screen with Shah Rukh and Salman.
Aamir by responding to a question asked by an audience member of the latest episode of The Great Indian Kapil Sharma Show, expressed his desire to work with both the Khans on screen, said, “Aapki aur meri thinking bilkul same hai (Our thinking matches),”

Aamir also said, “I recently met Shah Rukh and Salman and told them, ‘Hum teeno ek hi industry mein itne saalon se hain aur yeh audience ke liye kaafi galat hojayega ki career ke is dauran agar hum saath mein ek film na kaaren. Ek film toh banti hai (We have been working in the same industry for so many years and at this juncture of our career, if we didn’t do a film together, it would be unfair to the audience. We must do at least one film together),”

Aamir Khan has delivered us with some iconic movies in his career span of over three decades. Aamir recalled a conversation with Mahesh Bhatt and revealed his inability to fully connect with the character. He said, “I couldn’t find the character till the end. I asked Bhatt saab (Mahesh Bhatt) why wasn’t I able to find the character throughout the filming of the movie. He replied, ‘Since your character is lost, it is okay for you not to find him,”

When Aamir was asked about his ageless appearance, the 59-year-old actor disclosed how he approaches on minimalistic grooming. He also thanks his good genes for his ‘youthful’ looks. Aamir admitted that he also follows skincare routine and exercises online and the requirement of the film.

Aamir said, “I don’t apply any cream on my face nor do I exercise unless it is for a prep for a film. The funniest thing is that before I forayed into acting, I didn’t know about shampoos. I used soaps to clean my hair,”

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