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Salman Khan House Firing: The Main Motto of the Shooters Revealed by Crime Branch; More Details Inside

Intention Behind Firing Incident at Salman Khan’s Home Revealed

Arrest of Prime Suspects

The recent firing incident at Salman Khan’s residence has captured widespread attention, dominating headlines across the nation. Following the occurrence, Mumbai Police swiftly apprehended two individuals believed to be the primary suspects in the crime. Identified as Sagar Pal (21) and Vicky Gupta (24), the duo was apprehended in Gujarat’s Kutch region and subsequently remanded to custody until April 25.

Unveiling the Motive

In a significant development, the Mumbai Crime Branch shed light on the motive behind the gunfire. Initially, authorities indicated that the assailants’ intention was to fatally harm the actor. A statement released by the crime branch elaborated, “The two accused opened fire outside Salman Khan’s house in an attempt to kill the actor. Custodial interrogation is required to identify the mastermind and ascertain the motive.”

Revelation of Intent

However, subsequent investigations and repeated interrogations brought forth a new revelation. The Mumbai Crime Branch disclosed that the assailants’ true intent was not to murder Salman Khan but to instill fear. The latest report suggests, “They intended to just scare him and not murder him. The statements of both families have been recorded in Bihar. Around 7 people have been called from Haryana and other states for questioning, questioning is going on.”

Detailed Account of the Incident

According to the crime branch, Sagar Pal, one of the accused, was the pillion rider on the motorcycle and the one who fired shots outside Salman Khan’s residence. Meanwhile, Vicky Gupta was identified as the rider of the motorcycle during the incident.

Ongoing Investigation

With the motive behind the firing incident at Salman Khan’s home now revealed, investigations continue to delve deeper into the matter. Authorities are leaving no stone unturned, summoning individuals from various states for questioning as part of the ongoing probe.


As the investigation unfolds, the true motive behind the firing incident becomes clearer. While initial suspicions pointed towards an attempt on Salman Khan’s life, subsequent revelations suggest that the assailants’ intentions were aimed at intimidation rather than murder. With the culprits in custody and investigations ongoing, the case continues to capture public interest as authorities strive to uncover all facets of this startling incident.

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