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Kartam Bhugtam Teaser Review: Shreyas Talpade-vijay Razz Brings a Thrilling Exploration of Karma and Fate

Shreyas Talpade and Vijay Razz’s upcoming psychological thriller, Kartam Bhugtam teaser is out today. The trailer offers us with tantalizing glimpse into the narrative which blends human psychology with the enigmatic world of astrology.

Kartam Bhugtam means, ‘what goes around, comes around ‘ gives a deep dive into the concept of Karma. Shreyas Talpade is fighting back after off death in real life. He tackles the twisted thrills in the movie.

The teaser of Kartam Bhugtam was dropped today. The teaser is of 55-second which starts with depictions of holy temples and is set against the background of Vijay Razz who is reciting the couplet about karma, which is the main theme of the movie. Then some quick-cut glimpses of scenes from the movie can be seen which escalates the suspense. The teaser holds your attention and sways out later. The teaser then finally chases scenes with Shreyas scouring through the city in search of answers. The conclusion of the teaser is very strong to hold it’s own interest. The film so far promises to take the viewers into a captivating cinematic journey. The film also invites them to question the intricacies of the fate and the depths of the human psyche. The film also explores the age-old-truth that every action has a consequence. The teaser also weaves together the glimpses of the character’s lives which hints at the dark secrets and hidden motivations.

Kartam Bhugtam is directed by Soham P. Shah. He is known for the films like Kaal and Luck. His expertise also promises to bring Kartam Bhugtam to life in a way which I’d both thrilling and thought-provoking.

The film is produced by Gandhar Filmd & Studio Pvt.Ltd. The film is to hit the screens on May 17. The movie will be released in Hindi, Tamil Telugu Kannada and Malayalam languages.

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