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CBFC Changes Annu Kapoor’s “Hum Do Hamare Baarah” to “Hamare Baarah”: Urging Makers to Remove or Replace Shocking and Controversial Dialogues

Last month, reports surfaced regarding the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) allegedly requesting the producers of the Bhojpuri film “Rang De Basanti” to alter its title. Despite the filmmakers’ resistance and efforts to persuade the CBFC to approve the film without a title change, their appeals were unheeded. Subsequently, they turned to the Bombay High Court for recourse. Responding to their plea, the court directed the CBFC’s Revising Committee (RC) to review the film. Eventually, the RC granted approval to “Rang De Basanti” without insisting on a title alteration. Concurrently, another film faced similar scrutiny and was advised to modify its title, a recommendation the producers accepted, along with other alterations suggested by the CBFC.

The film under scrutiny is “Hum Do Hamare Baarah,” which has since been renamed as “Hamare Baarah.” Starring Annu Kapoor and Ashwini Kalsekar, the film revolves around a man with multiple wives and numerous children. According to sources, the movie initially underwent examination by the CBFC’s Examining Committee and subsequently by the RC. The RC proposed a series of modifications, expressing concerns that certain aspects of the film could potentially offend religious sentiments.

In total, the makers of “Hamare Baarah” were instructed to implement 11 changes. Initially, the RC recommended a title change, emphasizing a shift towards a “women-centric” approach. Additionally, they mandated the inclusion of a disclaimer and references to dialogues concerning “women marriage” in the Quran and Islamic culture.

Furthermore, the CBFC requested the replacement of the term “Bazaaru Aurat” and the substitution of “Islam” with “mazhab.” Certain dialogues, including one attributed to a Maulana advocating for increased Muslim population growth, were excised due to their controversial nature. Another contentious dialogue advocating for the consumption of cow urine and its association with Hinduism was also deleted. Additionally, the use of explicit language was muted, and the term “Allah” was muted in a particular dialogue.

Finally, adjustments were made to blur the image of a political leader in the poster, and an anti-smoking disclaimer was inserted into scenes depicting smoking.

Upon implementation of these modifications, the producers of “Hamare Baarah” were granted a U/A certificate on April 3, 2024. The film’s duration, as indicated on the censor certificate, stands at 148 minutes, equivalent to 2 hours and 28 minutes.

“Hamare Baarah” is poised for imminent release in theaters. To mark the occasion of Eid, the filmmakers unveiled the first song from the film, titled “Mere Mustafa,” composed and sung by Annu Kapoor himself.

In addition to Annu Kapoor and Ashwini Kalsekar, the cast of “Hamare Baarah” includes Parth Samthaan, Manoj Joshi, Abhimanyu Singh, Paritosh Tripathi, and Rahul Bagga. Directed by Kamal Chandra, the film promises to captivate audiences with its compelling narrative and stellar performances.

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