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Sonakshi Sinha Responds to Criticism Surrounding Heeramandi: Says “We Never Promised a History Lesson”

In a recent interview, Sonakshi Sinha addressed the criticism surrounding her latest web series, “Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar,” produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali for Netflix. The series has sparked polarizing feedback from audiences, prompting Sinha to respond to concerns about its factual accuracy. Speaking with Etimes, the actor emphasized that while some may critique the show for its historical inaccuracies, they may also enjoy series like “Bridgerton.”

Sonakshi reiterated that “Heeramandi” was not meant to serve as a historical lesson but rather as an immersive entertainment experience crafted by Bhansali. She stated, “When did we ever promise a history lesson? These are the same people who will love Bridgerton.” Sinha highlighted Bhansali’s artistic vision, emphasizing that the series presents a fictionalized portrayal of the titular location in Lahore. She urged viewers to perceive it purely as entertainment, emphasizing Bhansali’s talent for creating captivating narratives.

Taking to Instagram, Sonakshi shared behind-the-scenes photos from her character’s look test. As she portrays two roles, a mother and daughter, she explained the efforts taken to differentiate between them. With one character, named Rehana, Sinha altered her appearance by adding weight and opting for longer, curlier hair styled dramatically. She also described enhancements in makeup, including heavier eye makeup, elongated eyebrows, and added freckles, along with wearing green lenses.

The actor’s response reflects a commitment to her craft and an understanding of the creative decisions behind the series. By addressing concerns and offering insights into the character transformation process, Sonakshi provides audiences with a deeper understanding of the artistic choices made in “Heeramandi.” Her dedication to portraying distinct characters demonstrates the attention to detail and depth of character exploration inherent in Bhansali’s productions.

As “Heeramandi” continues to spark discussions and debates, Sonakshi’s candid remarks offer valuable perspective on the intersection of historical narrative and artistic interpretation in storytelling.

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