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Is Natasa Stankovic Receiving 70% of Hardik Pandya’s Property in Their Alleged Divorce?

Rumors of a separation between Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic have set the internet abuzz, with recent reports suggesting that Natasa might receive a substantial portion of Hardik’s property if the divorce is finalized. The speculation began after fans noticed Natasa deleting pictures of Hardik from her social media profile and dropping the Pandya surname, fueling further gossip about their marital discord.

Hardik Pandya, a key all-rounder for the Indian cricket team, seems to be facing a challenging phase, both professionally and personally. His recent tenure as the captain of the Mumbai Indians (MI) in the IPL 2024 has been marred by criticism. Replacing the iconic Rohit Sharma, Hardik has struggled with his performance and leadership, leading to MI’s disappointing season. This professional setback appears to coincide with difficulties in his personal life, as rumors about a potential divorce from Natasa Stankovic, a Serbian actress, have gained traction.

For the past few weeks, murmurs about troubles in their marriage have been persistent. Notably, Natasa, who was often seen supporting Hardik during IPL matches, has been conspicuously absent this season. Furthermore, the couple has been silent about each other on social media, a stark contrast to their usual public displays of affection. The last post Hardik shared featuring Natasa and their son Agastya was on Valentine’s Day. This year, he did not publicly acknowledge her birthday, unlike previous years.

Speculation intensified with reports suggesting that if the divorce is finalized, Natasa might walk away with approximately 70% of Hardik’s property. However, no official statements or confirmations have been made by either party. Despite the rampant rumors, both Hardik and Natasa have refrained from addressing the situation publicly. Instead, Natasa has been sharing self-care moments with her son Agastya on social media, seemingly unaffected by the ongoing speculation.

The lack of confirmation or denial from the couple has left fans and media outlets in a state of uncertainty, with social media platforms rife with conjecture. Whether the reports about the division of assets hold any truth remains to be seen, but the public interest in their relationship continues to soar.

As the situation unfolds, fans and followers of the couple are eager for clarity. Until then, the rumors remain just that—rumors. For those interested in the story, staying tuned to reliable sources for updates is advisable.

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