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Kangana Ranaut Discloses Assets Valued at Rs. 91 Crore in Her Election Affidavit: 7 Properties, a Bank Balance of Rs. 1.35 Crore, 3 Luxury Cars, and 6.7 Kg of Gold Comprise Kangana Ranaut’s Assets

Kangana Ranaut, known for her stellar performances on the silver screen, has now stepped into the realm of politics, adding a new dimension to her multifaceted career. Contesting as the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate from Mandi in Himachal Pradesh for the Lok Sabha seat, Kangana’s foray into politics has sparked considerable interest and intrigue, particularly given her candid persona and outspoken nature.

In her election affidavit, Kangana disclosed assets exceeding Rs. 91 crore, comprising a diverse array of movable and immovable assets. The breakdown reveals Rs. 28.7 crore in movable assets, including cash and bank accounts, and Rs. 62.9 crore in immovable assets, primarily properties in Mumbai, Punjab, and Manali. Her impressive collection of luxury cars—a BMW, a Mercedes Benz, and a Mercedes Maybach—further underscores her financial stature, valued at Rs. 3.91 crore. Additionally, her possession of significant quantities of precious metals and jewelry highlights her penchant for luxury and opulence.

However, amidst her substantial wealth, Kangana’s election affidavit also sheds light on her legal challenges, with eight criminal cases registered against her, including allegations of offending religious sentiments. Despite these legal hurdles, Kangana remains undeterred in her political aspirations, displaying a resolve and determination that has characterized her career thus far.

In contrast, Kangana’s opponent in the election, Congress candidate Vikramaditya Singh, declared assets worth approximately Rs. 96.70 crore, setting the stage for a compelling electoral contest in the Mandi Lok Sabha constituency.

The upcoming polls on June 1st hold significant importance for Kangana, as she navigates the complexities of political campaigning and seeks to secure a victory that would mark a new chapter in her career. Expressing her ambitions, Kangana hopes that this endeavor into politics is just the beginning, with aspirations for future opportunities to contest from Mandi and beyond.

As the political landscape in Himachal Pradesh heats up in anticipation of the Lok Sabha elections, all eyes are on Kangana Ranaut and her bid for electoral success. With her formidable assets and determined spirit, Kangana stands poised to make a mark in the political arena, adding yet another accolade to her illustrious career trajectory.

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