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Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap Thinks It Is Impossible To Direct A Shah Rukh Khan Film; Know Why

Recently in an interview with Hindustan of Cinema, filmmaker Anurag Kashyap was asked if he will ever direct a Shah Rukh Khan film. The director answered as no. Scroll down to know why.

According to Anurag, he will  be unable to recreate the aura and the charm which is loved by the fans.  Anurag said, “We are a country of hero worshippers. We are deprived of many things and have low self-esteem and confidence. We need heroes. Why do our films have larger-than-life heroes? We are the only country where actors won’t cover their faces while playing superheroes. The masks would be so small because it is important to show their faces.”

 Anurag also spoke about making film with Shah Rukh and said, “In this day and age of social media, I am terrified by the fanbases big stars have. Actors get typecast because of fans, and the fans want the same things from them again and again. If that doesn’t happen, fans reject it, so even actors get apprehensive about trying new things. So it’s not in my capacity to cater to Shah Rukh Khan’s aura or enigma. ..If his film Fan had worked, I could have said that I too have the courage to work with him.” Also Read – Anurag Kashyap Calls Himself a ‘terrible Father’; Know Why

Shah Rukh had his last blockbuster with films Pathaan , Dhunki and Jawaan in 2023. ON the other hand, Anurag’s last release was Kennedy which was premiered at the Cannes Film Festival 2023. The filmmaker  have also casted Malayalam actor Joju George who will be making his debut with his upcoming film.

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