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Is Jolly LLB 3 in Legal Trouble? A Complaint Has Been Lodged Against the Film Starring Akshay Kumar and Arshad Warsi for This Reason! Read More to Know

The highly anticipated third installment of the beloved Jolly LLB franchise, titled “Jolly LLB 3,” starring Akshay Kumar and Arshad Warsi, has recently hit a snag, landing in legal trouble shortly after commencing production. Fans were ecstatic about the collaboration between Kumar and Warsi, eagerly awaiting another round of courtroom drama.

The official announcement of “Jolly LLB 3” came with much fanfare, as the star cast, including Akshay Kumar, Arshad Warsi, and Saurabh Shukla, shared a fun behind-the-scenes video to mark the occasion. Akshay Kumar took to Instagram to share the quirky video, captioning it with a tease about distinguishing between the original and the duplicate, promising a “jolly good ride” for the audience.

However, the excitement surrounding the film was dampened when reports surfaced online indicating that “Jolly LLB 3” had encountered legal troubles, allegedly for damaging the integrity of the judiciary system. According to sources, the District Bar Association President, Chandrabhan Singh Rath, lodged a formal complaint against the actors, director, and producer of the film, citing concerns about the mockery of the judicial system portrayed in the previous two installments.

Chandrabhan’s complaint urged authorities to halt the production of “Jolly LLB 3,” alleging a lack of respect for the dignity and honor of the judiciary within the films. He expressed disappointment at the apparent disregard for the judiciary’s image and reputation, calling for accountability from the filmmakers, directors, and actors involved in the project.

The legal dispute surrounding “Jolly LLB 3” is scheduled for a hearing on May 7, with stakeholders from both sides expected to present their arguments. Chandrabhan emphasized the need to address the issue promptly, particularly given the ongoing production activities in various locations, including the district magistrate’s office in Ajmer.

Directed by Shubhash Kapoor, “Jolly LLB 3” is slated for release next year and is poised to continue the franchise’s tradition of exploring themes related to the Indian judiciary system. Despite the legal setback, fans remain hopeful for another engaging installment in the acclaimed series, eagerly anticipating the unfolding of yet another intriguing courtroom drama helmed by the talented ensemble cast.

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