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Did Salman Khan Actually Rejected Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat Due to This Reason? Actor’s Surprising Confession Emerges in Past Interview

Bollywood’s iconic superstar, Shah Rukh Khan, resides in the illustrious Mannat, a revered landmark in Mumbai, drawing throngs of fans on every occasion. However, before it became SRK’s abode, the opulent mansion was offered to none other than Salman Khan, as revealed in a candid interview.

In an intriguing throwback chat, Salman Khan, accompanied by Katrina Kaif, reminisced about his career and was asked about what his fellow Karan Arjun co-star possessed that he didn’t. With a touch of humor, Salman promptly mentioned Mannat. He disclosed that in his early days, the offer to acquire Mannat came his way, but he had to decline due to his father, Salim Khan’s perspective. Recounting the incident, Salman shared how his father skeptically questioned, “Do you really need such a big house?” The audience chuckled at the anecdote, with Salman admitting he wanted to pose the same query to SRK.

Salman and Mannat!
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The revelation sparked amusement on the subreddit, with fans flocking to the comments section to share their amusement. One fan humorously remarked, “Katrina is like she’s his dad.” Another opined on the missed opportunity, noting, “Salman missed out on a prime location. Mannat has become a Mumbai landmark.” Some fans compared it to Salman’s residence, Galaxy Apartment, which also attracts attention without the same investment.

Switching gears to Salman’s upcoming projects, the actor is set to dazzle the screen in AR Murugadoss’ action-packed Sikander, alongside Rashmika Mandanna. Additionally, he’s lined up for Vishu Vardhan and Karan Johar’s highly anticipated venture, The Bull. Speculation abounds about a potential collaboration with Shah Rukh Khan in YRF’s espionage thriller, Pathaan vs Tiger, adding to the excitement among fans.

As the revelation adds a new layer to the camaraderie between Bollywood’s titans, it also sheds light on the intriguing dynamics of decision-making in the industry. While Mannat stands as a symbol of SRK’s legacy, Salman’s candid disclosure offers a glimpse into the roads not taken, sparking laughter and reflection among fans and enthusiasts alike.

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