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Heeramandi 2 Announcement: Fans defend To Cast Sarmin Segal And Wants Aditi Rao Hydari Back;

Finally the most popular series of filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali has been officially announced. Fans have some special requests for the characters  of  Alamzeb and Bibbojaan.

Filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali have made his debut in the world of web series with Heeramadi: The Diamond Bazaar. Fans and the whole internet are in a awe after watching the iconic series. A number of fans have appreciated for its grand sets, intriguing storyline and impactful performances. The most love performance was of Aditi Rao HYdari who portrayed the character of Bibbojaan. She was most loved in her Gajagamini walk. Besides a lot of appreciacion, the series habe also received some negative comments from the critics. Many were unhappy with the role of Alamzeb which has been portrayed by Sarmin Segal

Recently the secomd instalment of the series Heeramandi has been announced after with fans came forward to celebrate and also had some requests.  The makers of the series have announced about the second instalment of the series at Mumbai’s Carter Road with a flash mob of 100 kathak dancers who have been dressed as twaifs. Fans are excited to see Manisha Koirala as Mallikajaan, Sonakshi Sinha as Fareedan, Sanjeeda Sheikh as Waheeda and Indresh Malik as Ustaad. Unfortunately ,Aditi Rao Hydri might not be a part of the series because of the climax of the first part, which have left the fans heartbroken. Fans also don’t want Sharmin to be the part of the series.

Fans have requested to retain Aditi and asked not to cast Sharmin. One Instagram user commented, “Can we swap Sharmin’s character with bibbojaan so that Aditi can be alamzeb🥲”, whereas another fan of the series shared, “Wont be the same without aditi rao hydari, but will be at least better without Sharmin Segal.” Another comment read: “Petition to not cast Sharmin as Alamzeb 🙄.” Some trolls have even given the writers ideas on how to rework the script. One such comment read: “What if Alamzeb meets an accident and comes back anew with a plastic surgery?”, while another fan wrote: “Just replace Sharmin Sehgal by Mrunal Thakur or other good royal looking actress.”

Besides Aditi, many other stars like Richa Chadha and Taha Shah Badusha also may not be a part of the series Heeramandi. Their characters have also received a lot of love. What are your opinion regarding  the new cast of Heeramandi 2?

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