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Ashutosh Rana Reacts On His Deepfake Video Of Supporting Political Party

Actor Ashutosh Rana reacts about his deepfake video of supporting a political party. He says before becoming an actor, he was a politician. Know all details.

Ashutosh Rana spoke about his deepfake video which went viral in the internet. The actor spoke to India Today and said, “even lead to your character assassination”. Reportedly, the video shows the actor reciting a poem with BJP emblem. This was being used to appeal votes for the political party.

The actor said, “Today, your face can be added to any video, and that could even lead to your character assassination. And even if that happens someday, I would only be answerable to my wife (Renuka Shahane), my two kids, my parents, who are no longer alive, and my guru. Otherwise, I really don’t care. However, I will say it again, that one has to be cautious. It takes years to build an image and just a day to destroy it,”

Ashutosh further added, “Usually, it happens that way, but it has been the other way for me. Before I became abhineta (actor), I was a neta (politician). This is why people feel that I would soon join the sansad (Parliament). But not everyone can be in the Parliament, some people are on the road, part of the crowd. And I am one of them. I really feel if the public is awakened, that’s when the Parliament also shines.”

Ashutosh Rana’s latest release is Murder in Mahim in which he is in the role of a journalist. The film directed by Raj Acharya. The film showcases the social commentary which explores your chilling murder mystery. The story of the film is adapted from a book by Jerry Pinto, Murder in Mahim. The Movie also features Shivani Raghuvanshi and Shivaji Satam in crucial roles. The series is now streaming on JioCinema. Ashutosh is also a part of War 2.

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