Shreyas Talpade Says He Was ‘Clinically Dead’ After Heart Attack

Shreyas Talpade Says He Was 'Clinically Dead' After Heart Attack

Shreyas Talpade recently shared his harrowing experience of a heart attack and angioplasty, revealing that he was ‘clinically dead’ for a few minutes. The actor, grappling with acute fatigue due to a family history of heart conditions, had been taking precautions and medication.

On December 14, he experienced breathlessness and left-hand pain, initially attributing it to muscle tension from action scenes. Believing it could wait until he got home, the situation worsened, prompting an urgent hospital visit with his wife, Deepti. Talpade suffered a cardiac arrest at the hospital gates.

Upon regaining consciousness, he apologized to his wife and emphasized how this ordeal had transformed his perspective on life. Talpade urged everyone to prioritize their health, emphasizing the unpredictable nature of life and the need for regular check-ups.