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Adah Sharma Opens Up On People Calling Bastar The Naxal Story A Propaganda, “Jinko Bolna Hai Bolne Do”

Adah Sharma, who garnered attention with her role in last year’s successful film, The Kerala Story, is gearing up for her upcoming theatrical release, Bastar The Naxal Story. Despite the anticipation surrounding the film’s trailer and songs, it has faced criticism on social media with some labeling it as propaganda.

In a recent interaction with Filmibeat, Adah addressed the allegations of propaganda surrounding Bastar. She explained that when the film was announced, her face wasn’t on the initial poster, and she wasn’t aware of her involvement at that point. The poster featured a jungle backdrop with the title “Bastar The Naxal Story.” Adah acknowledged the comments suggesting propaganda and expressed a nonchalant attitude, stating, “Those who want to call it propaganda, let them. Maybe they feel happy about it just from a poster with a jungle.”

When questioned about any hesitation in taking up the film due to potential controversies, Adah asserted that she wasn’t concerned. She emphasized her support for the armed forces and their role in maintaining security. Adah believes that if she can contribute to raising awareness through the film, it’s a cause worth pursuing. She also mentioned her recent project, Sunflower, which is fictional and has been setting records, showcasing her versatility.

Directed by Sudipto Sen, who also directed The Kerala Story, Bastar The Naxal Story is slated for release on 15th March 2024. As Adah reflects on her previous success with The Kerala Story, the audience awaits the reception of her new venture at the box office.

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