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Did Kiran Rao Took A Dig With Sandeep Reddy Vanga With This Laapataa Ladies Scene?

The internet and the social media users thinks Kiran Rao took a potshot at Sandeep Reddy Vanga in her latest film Laapataa Ladies. Kiran Rao and Sandeep Reddy Vanga are involved in an exchange kg critical commentary primarily over the films both direct and indirect. Kieran’s latest directorial has its OTT release. After the release, netizens took to their X and Reddit and pointed a scene on the film which they think to be a jibe at Sandeep.

Phool Kumari (Nitanshi Goel) have been left behind in a station and Manju Maai (Chhaya Kadam) took her in. Phool have been told by her that her husband could have left her on purpose even as the latter defended him. While this discussion, Manju while talking about her marriage said to Phool that get husband would beat her. Manju said, “A man who loves you has the right to beat you. One day, I exercised my right as well.”

People thought that the line was a dig at Sandeep. He had defended his Kabir Singh’s (2019) slap scene with the same line in an interview with the Film Companion in 2019. Sandeep said, “If you can’t touch your woman, wherever you want, and if you can’t slap, you can’t kiss, you can’t use cuss words. I don’t see the emotion there.”

An X user shared the screenshot of the scene from Laapataa Ladies wrote, “Kiran Rao bodied Sandeep Reddy Vanga.” A person shared a post on Reddit and asked, “A direct slap on Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s face?”

Another redditor said, “That is exactly what I thought when I saw this scene!” Another commented, “Didn’t Rashmika Mandanna’s character slap Ranbir Singh’s Ranvijay multiple times in Animal? I think for Vanga, slapping or hitting is part of love, man or woman doesn’t matter. And I agree, its not correct either way.”

In 2024, Sandeep slammed Kiran Rao’s old comment in an interview with Dainik Bhaskar. Sandeep said in Hindi to Dainik Bhaskar and said, “Today morning, my AD showed me an article. It is of the second ex-wife of a superstar. She is saying that films like Bahubaali 2 and Kabir Singh promote misogyny and stalking. I think she does not know the difference between stalking and approaching. When people read these things out of context, they tend to agree. This is entirely wrong.”

Sandeep by dismissing Kiran Rao’s concern said, “I would like to say to that woman, ‘Go ask Aamir Khan, ‘Is she like a pillar, a girl, or a firecracker?’ What was that?” Then come back to me. If you remember Dil, he almost creates the situation towards an attempted rape, and it makes her realise that she was wrong. She ultimately falls in love. What is all this? I don’t understand why they attack like that before checking the surroundings,”.

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