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Ruslaan Review: Aayush Sharma’s Spy Thriller Goes Out in Painfully Bloated Concoction

Ayush Sharma’s latest release Ruslaqm is a film that takes you back to the era in which Bollywood flicks didn’t bothered about coherent plot until there were enough formulaic set-pieces which pleased them who came for just bits and pieces.

Ruslaan is directed by Karan Laliy Butani. The film stars Aayush Sharma and Sushrii Shreya Mishraa.

In the movie, Ruslaan is the son of a terrorist whit I’d shot in an encounter in 2004. He then becomes an orphan and is raised by Major Sameer and his wife. Ruslaan can avoid of being called a terrorist only by serving for the nation. Then he becomes a RAW Agent Mantra but the urge to singlehandedly deal with the terrorist becomes his very first mission.Ruslaan’s job is to provide Intel, leave yo him being fired from the job.

However Mantra keeps Ruslaan for her private mission as she knew he is loyal. Then he is asked to monitor the activities inside a university in Mumbai where young adults are brainwashed. He took the cover of a music teacher. Ruslaan’s heroics in an encounter during a music fest in the university catches the attention of Kaasim who is the mastermind of the the attacks since last 20 years in India.

Then the story follows to show how Ruslaan with Agent Vasni goes about the mission to protect India from the nexus that involves a number of big names and organisations who wants to destroy India.

The movie is a action-packed one. Aayush and Sushrii both can be seen performing stunts. Before the interval, the climax scene is quite predictable which delivers on the emotional front.

The story of the movie and its characters are a bit routine and basic. The execution is also not upto the mark. Slow motion shots will surely bore you. It also had a lousy screenplay. There is a run-time of atleast 20 minutes which is much more that what it should be. The song are unevenly paced and feels like roadblocks. Forced nationalism and forced anti-India agenda will get on your nerves.

Aayush Sharma did a good job and I’d honest in his role he portrayed. He has also done good action and has made a great physique. Sushrii Shreya’s screen presence is very magnetic. She has pleased us with her action sequences. A lot of stars did cameos in the movie.

So we can conclude that Ruslaan had a good watchable action. A couple of scenes grabs attention of the viewers. Nothing more can be said in favour of the movie. Ruslaan is now running in your nearest theaters.

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