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Actor Kamal Sadanah opens up on the demise of Divya Bharti: Says “had a couple of drinks before slipping from her balcony”

Kamal Sadanah, former co-star of the late Divya Bharti in the film “Rang,” has dismissed the prevalent narratives of suicide or murder surrounding her untimely demise. Speaking in a comprehensive interview with Siddharth Kannan, Sadanah delved into various topics, including the tragic loss that deeply affected his family. Among these discussions, the conversation turned to the sudden and shocking passing of Divya Bharti.

In 1993, Bharti tragically fell from the terrace of her husband Sajid Nadiadwala’s residence under circumstances clouded by speculation. Despite the tragedy, Sadanah reminisced about Bharti fondly, highlighting their camaraderie on and off-screen. He expressed profound sorrow over her loss, emphasizing her immense talent and enjoyable personality.

Regarding Bharti’s death, Sadanah recounted his disbelief upon hearing the news, describing it as a significant blow. Contrary to the sensationalized theories surrounding her demise, Sadanah maintained his conviction that it was a tragic accident. He surmised that Bharti, possibly under the influence of alcohol, was engaging in playful behavior and inadvertently lost her footing, leading to her fall. According to Sadanah, Bharti exhibited no signs of distress during their recent interactions, emphasizing her professional commitments and upcoming projects.

Reflecting on their time together on set, Sadanah painted a picture of Bharti as a vibrant and dedicated actress, full of life and talent. He recalled her penchant for impersonating Bollywood icon Sridevi, urging her to refrain from such antics in public.

Supporting Sadanah’s perspective, Divya Bharti’s father, Om Prakash Bharti, also dismissed notions of suicide or foul play. He adamantly asserted that his daughter’s death was a tragic accident, refuting claims of intoxication or depression. According to him, Bharti simply lost her balance while sitting on the ledge of the terrace, a lapse compounded by the absence of protective grills on their balcony. Om Prakash Bharti’s poignant account underscores the devastating reality of the accident and the profound impact it had on their family.

Tragically, Om Prakash Bharti passed away in 2021, leaving behind memories of his beloved daughter and a legacy of resilience. Sajid Nadiadwala, Bharti’s husband, remains a close confidant of her brother, Kunal.

In revisiting Divya Bharti’s untimely demise, Kamal Sadanah and Om Prakash Bharti offer poignant insights into the complexities surrounding the tragedy. Their steadfast belief in the accident’s nature provides a poignant counter-narrative to the sensationalized speculations that have clouded Bharti’s legacy for years. Through their reflections, the enduring memory of Divya Bharti emerges as one of talent, vibrancy, and the enduring spirit of resilience.

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