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Sonu Nigam on Ayodhya Tweet: Singer Expresses Frustration After Media Confuses Netizen With Same Name; Says “Yeh Incident Alarming Hai”

Bollywood’s renowned singer, Sonu Nigam, renowned for his soulful melodies, has recently found himself embroiled in an unexpected social media debacle. Despite bidding farewell to Twitter nearly seven years ago, a tweet attributed to him resurfaced, stirring widespread attention across the internet. The tweet, critical of the people of Ayodhya following a political defeat, swiftly went viral, causing a stir in media circles. However, what ensued was a case of mistaken identity as media publications, failing to verify the account’s authenticity, erroneously associated the tweet with the esteemed singer.

In response to the ensuing confusion, the 50-year-old artist has vehemently criticized media outlets for their oversight in not conducting proper due diligence before attributing the tweet to him. Expressing his disappointment with both netizens and publications for misconstruing the account as his own, especially considering his absence from the social media platform for a considerable period, Sonu Nigam emphasized the need for basic fact-checking. Speaking to Hindustan Times, he lamented, “I wonder how people, including the news channels that mistook him for me, didn’t do their basic sanity check by reading the description of the account.”

Setting the record straight, Sonu Nigam underscored his aversion to engaging in sensational political discourse, citing his primary focus on his artistic endeavors. However, he expressed deep concern over the implications of such misrepresentations, particularly for the safety and security of his family. Reflecting on the incident, he remarked, “This is the kind of nastiness that forced me to quit Twitter seven years ago. I don’t believe in making sensational political remarks and I only focus on my work. But yeh incident alarming hai, not just for me, but also my family’s safety.” Also Read – O Mere Humnava Song: Sonu Nigam and Teesha Nigam, the Sibling Duo, Make Their Debut Together in a Heartfelt Romantic Song

Amidst the escalating confusion, Sonu Nigam and his team have actively reached out to the individual behind the misattributed account, urging them to rectify the situation by modifying their handle name. Highlighting the severity of the matter, Sonu revealed his team’s efforts to dissuade the impersonator from perpetuating the misconception, as millions of unsuspecting individuals continue to be misled by the use of his surname. Expressing optimism in resolving the issue, he concluded, “I’m sure we will find a way to fix this.”

This unforeseen incident not only underscores the importance of rigorous fact-checking in media but also sheds light on the far-reaching consequences of misinformation in the digital age. As Sonu Nigam navigates through this challenging episode, his steadfast commitment to truth and integrity serves as a beacon amidst the turbulent waters of online discourse.

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