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Ilaiyaraaja Issued Legal Notice Against The Makere Of Manjummel Boys

Renowned music director Ilaiyaraaja is to take legal action against the makers of the movie Manjummel Boys. According to him the makers have commercially exploited the song “Kanmani Anbodu Kaadhalan..” without any permission.

Ilaiyaraaja wants the makers of the movie to either obtain his permission to use the song in the movie or to remove it from the film.

The film stars Soubin Shahir and Shreenath Bhasi. The movie has hit the theatres in February 2024. Now the film has been facing some legal trouble because the famous Tamil music composer Ilaiyaraaja have issued a legal notice for the unauthorised use of his song Kanmani Anbodu Kaadhalan from a Tamil film Guna (1991) for the film Manjummel Boys.

Reportedly Ilaiyaraaja have accused the makers of the Manjummel Boys for having Anbodu Kaadhalan which features Kanmani Anbodu Kaadhalan without seeking ‘consent, permission or license’.

The notice said, “You are hereby called upon to either obtain proper permission / consent /license from our client to continue using the said song / melody /composition as part of the said cinematograph film in various platforms, or remove it from your film and the promotional activities and compensate our client for the unauthorized usage of the same within 15 days,”

Ilaiyaraaja and his legal team has called upon the makers of the Manjummel Boys because the musical work has been exploited commercially without any authorization and payment of royalty or license fee to Ilaiyaraaja. They have demanded either to seek the composer’s permission or to remove the musical work from their movie. They have also wanted compensation for the unauthorised usage of his work.

Aa per the reports, the notice also have warned that appropriate civil and criminal proceedings would be instituted against the makers Soubhin Shahir, Babu Shahir and Shawn Antony in case they fails to exercise either of the two options.

The film Manjummel Boys is a survival drama which has a story of a group of 11 friends from Kerala who plan for a trip to Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu. Their trip then takes a turn when one of the friends falls into a pit inside the Guna Caves named after the same that of Kamal Haasan’s film of 1991 Guna. The story then continues of how all the friends battles against all odds in order to save their friend.

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