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Manjummel Boys: The Producers of the Film Were Booked on Cheating Charges, Marking a Setback in Their Filmmaking Journey

The producers of “Manjummel Boys,” Parava Films and their partner Shawn Antony, find themselves embroiled in legal trouble as Siraj Valiyathara from Aroor accuses them of reneging on promises. Siraj claims that the producers had agreed to allocate him a 40 percent share of the film’s profits, given his substantial investment of Rs 7 crore.

Prompted by a petition filed by Siraj, the Kerala Police in Maradu, Kochi, initiated action on April 24, 2024. This action followed a directive from the Ernakulam First Class Magistrate Court. Siraj’s allegations center on the producers’ failure to fulfill their financial obligations, including reimbursing his substantial investment.

According to Siraj’s account, he was approached by the partners of Parava Films LLP to invest in a movie featuring Soubin and other talents. Relying on the assurances provided by the producers, Siraj entered into an agreement with Parava Films on November 30, 2022, committing to invest Rs 7 crore in staggered payments. Despite being led to believe that the total budget for the film amounted to Rs 22 crore, Siraj alleges that the actual investment fell short of Rs 10 crore, with his contribution totaling Rs 7 crore.

As reported by OnManorama, Siraj transferred Rs 5.99 crore to Parava Films’ account, Rs 50 lakh to Shawn Antony’s account, and an additional Rs 51 lakh in cash, totaling the Rs 7 crore investment. However, neither the principal amount nor the promised profit share of 40 percent was refunded, leading to allegations of cheating amounting to Rs 47 crore. The police have invoked various sections of the Indian Penal Code against the accused. Despite the producers’ claims that “Manjummel Boys” grossed over ₹200 crore, the promised returns remain elusive.

This development marks a setback for the producers and casts a shadow over the success of “Manjummel Boys.” As legal proceedings unfold, the allegations and counterclaims highlight the complexities and risks inherent in the entertainment industry’s financial dealings. Amidst the legal turmoil, the outcome of Siraj’s petition underscores the importance of transparency and accountability in collaborative ventures within the film fraternity.

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