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Aamir Khan Suggested to Sell Tissue Paper With Tickets of Taare Zameen Par for This Reason

Taare Zameen Par is Aamir Khan’s directorial debut film. Tisca Chopra played the role of Maya Awasthi, who was the mother of a dyslexia boy Ishaan. Tisca reminisced on Aamir Khan’s idea to double the profits of Taare Zameen Par. She went on to the memory lane and shared her working experience with Aamir Khan.

In an recent interview with Siddharth Kannan Tisca said, “Aamir Khan was like a school to me. I got to attend the Aamir Khan School of Filmmaking. He was incredibly meticulous, even though it was his debut film. He too was learning, and we were all part of that journey. He involved us in everything, from blocking scenes to choosing lenses. I really appreciated that level of authenticity and passion for cinema.”

Tisca also shared, “I never found him difficult to work with. I’m also meticulous and appreciate that kind of work ethic. In fact, I sometimes annoyed him by requesting retakes of my scenes, believing I could improve them. It was a fantastic experience. He put in so much effort into every aspect of the film that it couldn’t have been bettered.” She also added, “This was after the ’90s formulaic approach was over. Since the 2000s, with the arrival of Lagaan, Dil Chahta Hai etc., it was all about stories and performances. I felt a stronger connection to such works,”

Tisca also praised Darsheel Safary and said, “he’s a very rooted boy.” “His family is very secure, and he himself is a fantastic person and a happy soul. I recently met him at Aamir’s daughter’s wedding reception. He is still full of love.”

Tisca Chopra recounted another story which involved Aamir Khan. She said, “One day, Aamir called me and joked that we should have sold tissue papers along with the film’s tickets to double our earnings,” “Even Karan Johar was moved to tears after watching the movie,” she added.

Further Tisca mentioned that she began receiving offers for mother roles after Taare Zameen Par.

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