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Kantara: Chapter 1: Rishab Shetty is Set to Recreate Divine Magic With One of the Largest Sets in Kundapur Town, the Coastal Region of Konkan

The creators of “Kantara: Chapter 1” have erected an expansive set for Rishab Shetty’s upcoming directorial venture.

Hombale Films, a prominent production house in Indian cinema, known for blockbusters like “KGF Chapter 2” and “Kantara: A Legend,” is gearing up for their next big project, “Kantara: Chapter 1.” Anticipation among fans and audiences is palpable as every new update about the film stirs excitement.

In a recent development, it’s been disclosed that the film’s comprehensive shooting schedule will commence this week, spanning 20 days. The team will capture crucial sequences amidst lush forests, set against the picturesque coastal backdrop of Kundapura, perfectly aligning with the film’s narrative.

A colossal set measuring 200×200 feet has been meticulously constructed for the film. A workforce of 600 carpenters hailing from Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad, along with skilled stunt coordinators, have been enlisted to bring Kundapura to life. Additionally, the cast members have embarked on intensive training sessions in preparation for their roles.

Directed by Rishab Shetty, who also stars as the lead, the film’s musical score is composed by Ajaneesh Loknath, while Aravind Kashyap takes charge of cinematography duties.

The initial installment in the franchise, “Kantara: A Legend,” captivated audiences with its immersive cinematic experience and profound spiritual themes. The announcement of the prequel, “Kantara: Chapter 1,” has only heightened excitement for another transcendent theatrical journey.

In addition to “Kantara: Chapter 1,” Hombale Films has a promising slate of projects on the horizon, including “Salaar Part 2: Shouryanga Parvam.”

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