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Was Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan Directly Inspired by Abhishek Bachchan’s Stunts in Dhoom? Action Director Allan Amin Unveils Startling Disclosures

Action director Allan Amin has stirred controversy by accusing Shah Rukh Khan’s blockbuster film Pathaan of replicating stunts from his work in Dhoom. Despite Pathaan’s historic success, Amin claims the film borrowed action sequences from Dhoom, raising questions about the authenticity of contemporary action cinema.

In a recent interview with Bollywood Hungama, Allan Amin expressed his concerns about the current state of action films, particularly criticizing what he perceives as the artificiality of action sequences. He alleged that a fight sequence involving Shah Rukh Khan and John Abraham in Pathaan closely resembled one he had choreographed for Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham in Dhoom. Amin asserted, “It looks fake. In Dhoom, I made Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham fight on the trailer. The same sequence was copied in Pathaan, involving Shah Rukh Khan and John.”

Amin’s accusations raise questions about the originality and creative integrity of contemporary action cinema. He highlighted the importance of authenticity in action sequences, citing his experience with Dhoom 2, where he meticulously planned a daring stunt involving Hrithik Roshan jumping from a helicopter onto a moving train. Amin emphasized the need for realism, recounting how he collaborated with a professional base jumper to ensure the feasibility of the sequence before filming. This dedication to authenticity, according to Amin, distinguishes genuine action cinema from mere spectacle. Also Read – Shah Rukh Khan Was a Chain Smoker; a Co-star Revealed He Smoked Multiple Cigarettes on the Sets of Koyla

The controversy surrounding Pathaan’s alleged plagiarism has reignited debates about the portrayal of action in Bollywood films. Amin’s critique extends beyond individual instances of imitation, reflecting broader concerns about the quality and credibility of action sequences in contemporary cinema.

Despite the controversy, Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan enjoyed immense success at the box office, marking the superstar’s triumphant return to the silver screen. Audiences embraced Khan’s dual role in the film, contributing to its record-breaking box office performance.

As the debate over Pathaan’s authenticity continues, Amin’s allegations serve as a reminder of the importance of originality and integrity in action cinema. The controversy underscores the need for filmmakers to prioritize creativity and innovation, rather than relying on imitation, to deliver truly compelling and authentic cinematic experiences. Also Read – Did Salman Khan Actually Rejected Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat Due to This Reason? Actor’s Surprising Confession Emerges in Past Interview

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