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UNICEF India Appoints Kareena Kapoor Khan as Its National Ambassador; Highlighting Her Commitment to Children’s Welfare and Development

In commemoration of its 75-year collaboration with India, UNICEF India has appointed Kareena Kapoor Khan, an iconic figure in Indian cinema, as its National Ambassador. In her new role, Khan will champion UNICEF India’s mission to advance the rights of every child, particularly focusing on early childhood development, health, education, and gender equality.

Having served as UNICEF India’s Celebrity Advocate since 2014, Kareena Kapoor Khan has been a vocal advocate for various causes, including girls’ education, gender equality, foundational learning, immunization, and breastfeeding. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Khan actively advocated for children’s education and emphasized the importance of their return to school once they reopened. She has also been instrumental in supporting UNICEF’s global campaigns on #EveryChildRights.

Expressing her gratitude upon being appointed as UNICEF India National Ambassador, Kareena Kapoor Khan stated, “There are few things as vital as safeguarding the rights of children, who represent the future generation of our world. I am deeply honored to extend my association with UNICEF as India’s National Ambassador. I am committed to leveraging my voice and influence to champion the rights of vulnerable children, particularly focusing on early childhood, education, and gender equality. Every child deserves a childhood, a fair chance, and a promising future.”

Furthermore, during the same announcement event, UNICEF India introduced its inaugural Youth Advocates, who serve as peer leaders and champions for various issues such as climate action, mental health, innovation, and Girls in STEM. Among these advocates, aged between 16 to 24, each brings a unique area of expertise:

– Gauranshi Sharma from Madhya Pradesh advocates for the right to play and disability inclusion.

– Kartik Verma from Uttar Pradesh focuses on climate action and child rights advocacy.

– Nahid Afrin from Assam advocates for mental health and early childhood development.

– Vinisha Umashankar from Tamil Nadu is recognized as a budding innovator and STEM pioneer.

These youth advocates, part of UNICEF’s global program, join a cohort of over 93 youth advocates worldwide, collectively driving change on issues concerning children and young people.

Addressing his appointment as a youth advocate, Kartik Verma expressed his determination to leverage the power of youth to drive positive change in India. He emphasized his commitment to amplifying the concerns and perspectives of marginalized and vulnerable children and young people to various stakeholders.

Similarly, Nahid Afrin, a youth advocate from Assam, expressed her enthusiasm for being appointed as UNICEF India’s Youth Advocate. She highlighted the significance of using her voice to address pressing issues, particularly in the realm of mental health.

UNICEF India Representative Cynthia McCaffrey lauded the appointment of Kareena Kapoor Khan as National Ambassador, acknowledging her longstanding commitment to advancing children’s rights. McCaffrey emphasized Khan’s impactful contributions to numerous national and global campaigns and welcomed her into the UNICEF family alongside the four newly appointed youth advocates.

Reflecting on UNICEF’s partnership with India over the past 75 years, McCaffrey emphasized the organization’s support for various government-led programs and milestones benefiting millions of children and young people. She underscored the significance of marking this partnership milestone as an opportunity for renewal and recommitment to a vision for children in the coming years and decades.

In closing, McCaffrey reaffirmed UNICEF’s dedication to collaborating with popular National Ambassadors, celebrities, and youth advocates to ensure a promising future for all children.

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