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Shaitaan OTT Week 3: Ajay Devgn Couldn’t Beat Shah Rukh’s Dhunki; Has Views Of Less Than 3.1% In 21 Days

Ajay Devgn’s Shaitaan has managed to mint 27.7 million viewing hours in three weeks after it streaming on Netflix. The film couldn’t beat Shah Rukh Khan’s film Dhunki by just a few inches.

Ajay Devgn’s Shaitaan has remained in the top 10 global charts for three weeks on Netflix. The movie is a horror flick which stars Janki Bodiwala, Ra Madhavan and Joytika in crucial roles. The movie has minted over 13 million views in three weeks and maintained the spot of top 10 on the global list. Also Read – Jyotika Unveils Surprising Details About Her Bollywood Debut: Says “Didn’t Get Work Post My Debut Film”

Shaitaan is directed by Vikas Bahl and has registered 27.7 million viewing hours on Netflix in three weeks. The film is a official adaptation of a Gujarati film Vash which features Janki Bodiwala as the main lead.

Shaitaan was on the fourth spot in the list of top 10 non-English films viewed on Netflix globally in the first week of its OTT release. The film gained the second spot in the week 2 and then dropped to fourth spot in the third week.

After the release, Shaitaan managed to earn 13 million views from 27.7 million viewing hours in three weeks. The movie opened with 3.2 million views in first week and regained the same momentum in third week.
The performance of the film along with the views and viewing hours in three week is mentioned below. Also Read – Ajay Devgn Reunites With ‘shaitaan’ Writers for Another Horror Film; Wife Kajol to Play Female Lead?

Week 1: 3.2 Million Views | 6.9 Million Viewing Hours
Week 2: 6.6 Million Views | 14 Million Viewing Hours
Week 3: 3.2 Million Views | 6.8 Million Viewing Hours
Total: 13 Million Views | 27.7 Million Viewing Hours

Ajay Devgn’s Shaitaan missed to beat Shah Rukh Khan’s Dhunki by just a thin line of 3.1% less viewing hours. The first three weeks of the film registered 10.8 million views on Netflix against 28.6 million viewing hours.

All the latest releases of the superstars ha r managed to be on the position of Top 10 list only for three weeks. Laapataa Ladies is the exception of all these as the film has maintained to remain in the fourth week of its OTT release. We can only wait and watch if Shaitaan can retain its spot it’s fourth week.

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