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Shah Rukh Khan Set to Portray a Raw and Merciless Underworld Don in the Adrenaline-fueled Action Thriller “King”- More Details Inside

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan is set to delve into the underworld as a gritty and complex don in his forthcoming film, “King,” promising audiences a raw and rugged action-thriller. This marks a significant moment as it also serves as the silver screen debut for his daughter, Suhana Khan, following her recent foray into the digital realm with “The Archies” last December. Khan’s portrayal won’t merely be that of a formidable underworld figure; rather, his character will possess intricate layers of morality, exploring shades of grey that are bound to captivate audiences.

According to a report, insider sources disclosed that Khan’s role in “King” is a deliberate nod to his past portrayals of characters with darker nuances, reminiscent of his iconic roles in films like “Darr,” “Anjaam,” and “Raees.” The source revealed, “Shah Rukh Khan is deeply attuned to his audience’s desire to see him portray morally ambiguous characters. ‘King’ is his pet project, and he has been intricately involved in every aspect of its development alongside Siddharth Anand and Sujoy Ghosh. Together, they have crafted a character exuding an aura of coolness, attitude, and swagger, yet tinged with moral complexity.”

“King” holds special significance for Khan, emerging as a project close to his heart, and he has been actively engaged in shaping its trajectory. Collaborating closely with directors Siddharth Anand and Sujoy Ghosh, Khan is ensuring that his character strikes a balance between being enigmatic and ruthless. The source elaborated, “While the character design is finalized, Siddharth Anand is currently refining the action sequences with international stunt teams. Meanwhile, Sujoy is polishing the dialogues, while SRK oversees the creative process and also undertakes training sessions with Suhana for some cutting-edge action sequences.”

But the revelations don’t end there. The source hinted at a distinctive appearance for Khan in “King,” sporting long hair and a beard, diverging from his usual clean-cut persona. While specific plot details remain under wraps, reports suggest that “King” will be a high-octane action thriller, pushing the boundaries of survival. Khan’s character will assume the role of a mentor guiding a protege through a treacherous world, with Suhana Khan stepping into the shoes of this disciple.

Just over a week ago, Khan’s hands-on involvement in the project, even training alongside Suhana for the film’s action sequences. Sujoy Ghosh and Siddharth Anand are ambitiously envisioning “King” as a gritty and authentic action spectacle, with a whopping budget of Rs. 200 crores. A source shared, “King is an audacious venture, unlike anything seen before. The team has dedicated the past year to meticulous pre-production, ensuring every aspect, from script to scale and action, is executed flawlessly. Red Chillies Entertainment has a reputation for delivering top-tier productions, and ‘King’ will be no exception, as the banner spares no expense to ensure a grand debut for Suhana Khan.”

Further insights suggest that Siddharth Anand is in discussions with Western stunt directors to elevate the film’s action sequences to a global standard. “Siddharth Anand has a global vision, and with SRK by his side, he aims to create an action thriller with worldwide appeal. He’s collaborating with international stunt experts to design sequences that seamlessly blend real action with VFX enhancements,” the source added.

Filming for “King” is slated to commence in May, spanning five months, with plans for a theatrical release in the second half of 2025.

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