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Ravi Kishan’s wife Preeti Shukla Files FIR Against Woman Who Claims To Be BJP MP’s Wife. ‘demanded Rs. 20 crores ‘

Recently a woman has claimed to be Ravi Krishan’s second wife. Ravi Krishan had responded by saying he is busy in election by his wife Preeti Shukla had filed a FIR against the woman from Lucknow Aparna Shukla for the fake rumours of claiming to be his wife.

A Lucknow woman named Aparna Thakur had forwarded fake allegations against the actor-politician Ravi Kishan. The woman had claimed in a press conference that she is her second wife and the actor is not accepting their daughter.

Now it is been heard that an FIR have been filed at Hazratganj police station against Thakur by Kishan’s wife Preeti Shukla. The complaint was file late night on Tuesday. Preeti stated that Aparns has threatened get and has demanded Rs. 20 crore from them. She has also mentioned that she has connections with the underworld and had also threatened to trap Kisha in a fake rape case and get the entire family Killed of they don’t pay the amount. The woman then held the press conference and made false allegations against Kishan in Lucknow when her demands were not fulfilled.

Aparna in the press conference stated, “My name is Aparna, and my daughter is the daughter of MP and actor Ravi Kishan, whom he is not accepting.” She also stated about her intention to pursue legal action in this matter, stating, “I am also going to court for this.”

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