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Laapataa Ladies Actor Nitanshi Goel Says Aamir Khan Called Her ‘heera’ at 1st Meeting

Laapataa Ladies actor Nitanshi Goel revisited her first meeting with Aamir Khan when she made her debut for Laapataa Ladies and shared how the senior actor got impressed with her acting skills.

Nitanshi Goel marked her Bollywood debut with Kiran Rao directorial film Laapataa Ladies. The actor portrayed the role of a village bride in the comedy-drama. Nitanshi in a recent interview with India Today opened up about her first meeting and shared how Aamir encouraged her by calling her ‘heera’ infront of her mom.
Nitanshi had earlier worked on television opend up abou her first meeting with the film’s co-producer, Aamir Khan. She called it ’emotional ‘ moment and recalled, “He told my mother I am like a diamond. To have him say something like that was very heartening.”

Nitanshi has send her audition tape for Laapataa Ladies in the morning and got selected by the afternoon. Aamir Khan also wanted her to see perform live. Nitanshi said, “After I was done performing, sir asked me where I learned acting from, an acting school or theatre. When I told him that it was through my audition process, he was amazed. He told my mother, ‘Aapki beti heera hai’ (your daughter is a diamond).” She added, “He also said that now, whatever work I do, should be to my level of talent. It was such an emotional moment for me. I have always looked up to him since I was a child and to have him say something like that was very heartening. I did not know how to react then, but it’s a memory for a lifetime,”

Nitanshi said to, “I felt like all my dreams came true at that moment. Aamir sir and Kiran ma’am are like a school of cinema in themselves, and working with them was such a milestone. I got to learn so much from them. Honestly, I was quite a fan when I met them for the first time. But they welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like family,”

Nitanshi had been told by the makers that they are hunting for the right girl to play Phool for last five months and had auditioned hundreds of actors for the role.

Sparsh Shrivastav and Pratibha Ratna are also debutant for the film Laapataa Ladies. The film features Chhaaya Kadam, Ravi Krishan and others in crucial roles.

The story is about two young brides who got lost after their wedding. Due to the traditional custom of veil associated with married women in village, a case of mistaken identity leads to confusion. Here the film takes a satirical take on orthodox practices inspite of being a comedy. The film is directed by Kiran and is to hit the theaters on March 1.

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