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Rakhi Sawant Arrives in Mumbai Wearing a Burqa After Being Given a Four-week Period to Surrender for Allegedly Leaking Ex- Husband, Adil Khan Durrani’s Explicit Videos

Rakhi Sawant’s return to Mumbai from Dubai amid a court order mandating her surrender regarding leaked explicit videos involving her ex-husband, Adil Khan Durrani, has intensified the ongoing controversy surrounding the internet personality.

Renowned for her knack for controversy, Rakhi Sawant finds herself once again in the spotlight due to her tumultuous relationship with ex-husband Adil Khan Durrani. Their highly publicized drama unfolded last year, with both parties levying sensational accusations against each other. The latest twist in the saga sees the Supreme Court issuing a directive for Sawant to surrender within four weeks following allegations of her involvement in leaking and disseminating sexually explicit videos featuring Durrani.

Sawant’s discreet return to Mumbai from Dubai on April 25 has raised eyebrows, given the gravity of the legal proceedings against her. As reported by Times Now News, she arrived in the early hours, strategically timing her return to evade media scrutiny. Donned in a burqa, a garment she has purportedly adopted after her marriage to Adil, Sawant managed to slip past unnoticed amidst the deserted airport surroundings. This discreet arrival contrasts sharply with her usual flamboyant airport entrances, a spectacle she is known for.

Despite the gravity of the allegations against her, Sawant’s return went unchallenged, with no inquiries or arrests upon her arrival. However, her impending surrender in response to the court order remains uncertain.

Recent reports had hinted at Sawant’s potential arrest after the Supreme Court dismissed her plea for anticipatory relief. The charges against her under sections 500 and 34 of the Indian Penal Code pertain to defamation and complicity in criminal intent. Additionally, Section 67A of the Information Technology Act has been invoked for the electronic dissemination of sexually explicit material.

In defense, Sawant’s legal team has argued that the video in question is of poor quality and dates back five years, making it challenging to ascertain its authenticity. Despite these assertions, Sawant has refrained from issuing an official statement regarding the ongoing legal imbroglio.

As the saga unfolds, all eyes remain on Rakhi Sawant and her impending surrender, which could potentially have far-reaching implications for her career and public image. Stay tuned for further developments as this controversial chapter continues to unfold.

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