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After Three Consecutive Flops, Tiger Shroff Finds Himself Without Any Upcoming Projects and is Urged to Reduce His Fees by 70%! Here’s All the Details

Once hailed as one of Hindi cinema’s brightest talents, Tiger Shroff’s career trajectory has taken a downturn since his debut in “Student of the Year.” Despite his initial promise, the actor has struggled to deliver a string of successful films, with recent releases like “Heropanti 2,” “Ganapath,” and “Bade Miyan Chote Miyan” failing to make a mark at the box office. The consistent underperformance of his projects has significantly impacted his standing in the industry.

Reports indicate that Tiger Shroff currently finds himself without any projects in hand, signaling a potential career crisis. The highly anticipated “Rambo,” slated to commence production this summer, has been shelved due to budget constraints. Industry insiders reveal that Jio, the production house behind “Rambo,” deems it unfeasible to invest in an expensive action film featuring Tiger Shroff given the current market conditions.

Tiger’s recent track record at the box office reflects a stark reality – out of his last 11 releases, 6 have failed to resonate with audiences, with 3 consecutive flops in recent times. This string of failures has left the actor grappling with a dearth of offers, an empty calendar, and dwindling fortunes in the industry.

According to insiders, in the wake of his consecutive flops, producers have approached Tiger with a sobering proposition: to drastically reduce his fees. A leading producer reportedly advised him to slash his fees by over 70%, suggesting that he consider charging a mere Rs. 9 crore for his services. This recommendation came as a shock to Tiger, who had previously commanded a hefty fee of Rs. 30 crores for projects like “Bade Miyan Chote Miyan” and “Ganapath.”

The industry’s response underscores the harsh realities of showbiz, where success is fleeting, and market dynamics can swiftly change. Tiger Shroff’s journey serves as a cautionary tale for aspiring actors, highlighting the unpredictable nature of fame and the importance of adapting to industry trends.

As Tiger navigates this challenging phase in his career, the actor faces tough decisions ahead – whether to heed the advice of industry veterans and recalibrate his approach, or to persevere and reclaim his position as one of Hindi cinema’s most sought-after talents. Only time will tell whether Tiger Shroff can stage a comeback and reignite his star power in the fiercely competitive world of Bollywood.

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