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Milind Gunaji was scared after rejecting Amitabh Bachchan’s “Mrityudaata” and went to meet him

Renowned Hindi cinema actor, Milind Gunaji, recently disclosed a regrettable incident from his career, where he missed out on the chance to collaborate with the legendary Amitabh Bachchan in the 1972 film “Mrityudaata” due to scheduling conflicts. Gunaji, known for his impactful roles, particularly as antagonists and supportive characters, shared his experience on Rajshri Unplugged.

Gunaji clarified that he had to decline the role of the main villain in “Mrityudaata” due to prior commitments, potentially involving films like “Virasat.” Despite his eagerness to work alongside Bachchan, he communicated his unavailability to the film’s director, Mehul Kumar, who understood the situation amicably. However, rumours began circulating in the media, erroneously suggesting that Gunaji had intentionally turned down the opportunity.

Concerned about the misunderstanding, Gunaji took proactive steps to address the situation directly with Bachchan. Parking his car outside Mehboob Studio, where Bachchan was shooting, Gunaji waited for the opportune moment to speak with the superstar. Upon meeting Bachchan outside his van, Gunaji explained the circumstances, emphasizing that it was a matter of conflicting schedules rather than a deliberate refusal. To Gunaji’s relief, Bachchan responded with understanding and reassurance, advising him not to dwell on the rumors and to continue his commendable work.

Reflecting on the incident, Gunaji appreciated Bachchan’s gracious response, which effectively closed the chapter on any misconceptions surrounding the missed opportunity.

In his recent projects, Gunaji has been seen in notable roles in films such as “Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2” and “HIT: The First Case”. Through this anecdote, Gunaji’s professionalism and respect for his peers, as well as Bachchan’s magnanimity, shine through, demonstrating the complexities and challenges of navigating the film industry’s demanding schedules and expectations.

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