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Le Musk: is Ar Rahman in Legal Trouble? Music Composer’s Immersive Film Soundtrack Faces Copyright Controversy in 2022 Sensory Experience; More Details Inside!

AR Rahman, the acclaimed music composer and two-time Oscar winner, has recently found himself embroiled in legal trouble due to his sensory experience film “Le Musk.” Directed by Rahman himself, the film premiered at the prestigious 75th Cannes Film Festival in 2022, captivating audiences with its innovative approach to storytelling.

“Le Musk,” a 37-minute virtual reality thriller, stars an ensemble cast including Nora Arnezeder, Guy Burnet, Munirih Grace, and Mariam Zohrabyan in pivotal roles. The film promises a unique viewing experience, leveraging scents and haptics to immerse audiences in its narrative world.

However, Rahman’s groundbreaking project has now encountered a copyright controversy, as reported by Entities associated with the Mai Group, including Koshayojan Services Limited and MaI LADS LLO, have initiated legal proceedings against Rahman and other key figures in the entertainment industry.

These entities, renowned for their innovative work in immersive experiences, allege that Rahman’s film infringes upon their proprietary technology. With the assistance of Luthra and Luthra Law Office India, the Mai Group has filed a lawsuit against the esteemed composer, citing “unauthorized utilization” of their revolutionary sensory-driven technology.

According to the report, the Mai Group asserts that their technology seamlessly integrates all human senses to create a “transcendental immersive experience.” They argue that elements of “Le Musk” bear striking similarities to their pioneering technology, raising significant questions about intellectual property rights and creative ownership within the entertainment realm.

The legal action extends beyond Rahman to include entities involved in the production of the film, such as Positron, LLC, Intel Corporation, and The Feelies Limited. This broad scope underscores the complexity of the dispute and its potential ramifications for all parties involved.

Despite the legal challenges, “Le Musk” garnered critical acclaim upon its premiere at Cannes. Praised for its innovative approach to storytelling through scent, motion, and music, the film represents a milestone in Rahman’s illustrious career.

As the legal battle unfolds, the controversy surrounding “Le Musk” serves as a reminder of the intricate relationship between creativity, technology, and intellectual property in the ever-evolving landscape of filmmaking.

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