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Heeramandi: Sonakshi Sinha Explains Why ‘Tilasmi Bahein’ Dance Was Dropped, Revealing Bhansali’s Preference for ‘Junglee Dance’ Instead

Sonakshi Sinha, shedding light on her performance in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Heeramandi,” discussed the intricacies of the “Tilasmi Bahein” song. The actress disclosed that the song was shot in a single take, showcasing her acting prowess portraying a drunk character. Responding to Richa Chadha’s query about her drinking for the scene, Sinha quipped, “Not a drop,” showcasing her commitment to her craft. She confidently asserted, “You guys can’t believe that I am a good actor.”

Reflecting on her experience filming “Tilasmi Bahein,” Sinha expressed disbelief at the entire process, remarking, “I still can’t believe that it happened.” She recounted her rehearsals, which commenced days prior to the shoot, under the guidance of choreographer Kruti Mahesh. Despite mastering the choreography and executing the hook steps flawlessly, the scene was unexpectedly scrapped by Bhansali himself upon witnessing the performance.

Sinha recalled Bhansali’s spontaneous decision-making process during the shoot, where he drew inspiration from assistant directors’ impromptu dance performances. She humorously described the scene, with directors mimicking Salman Khan’s moves or acting as if they were being electrocuted. Bhansali’s creative process led to him instructing Sinha to perform a “junglee dance” atop a table, a moment that was decided on the spot.

The actress candidly shared, “He says, ‘over here you do this then get to the table and you do the junglee dance so well so just do that on the table and then you go and catch the hook step.'” This spontaneous direction exemplifies Bhansali’s unique approach to filmmaking, where creativity flourishes in the moment.

For fans eagerly awaiting “Heeramandi,” the series is now available for streaming on Netflix, promising a visual feast of Bhansali’s signature style and captivating storytelling.

Sonakshi Sinha’s revelations offer a glimpse into the dynamic and unpredictable nature of filmmaking under the visionary direction of Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Despite the challenges and changes on set, Sinha’s dedication to her role shines through, showcasing her versatility as an actor.

The behind-the-scenes anecdotes shared by Sinha provide valuable insights into the collaborative and spontaneous nature of Bhansali’s creative process. With her remarkable performance in “Tilasmi Bahein,” Sinha adds another feather to her cap, solidifying her reputation as a talented and committed actor in the Indian film industry.

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