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Did Deepika Padukone Finally Get Rid of Ranbir Kapoor Tattoo? Netizens Speculate as Actress Flaunts Her Tanned Back in New Post

Deepika Padukone, currently relishing her pregnancy, sparked a buzz with her recent Instagram post. Sharing a picture showcasing her tanned back, Deepika hinted at her leisurely moments spent with husband Ranveer Singh. The couple reportedly enjoyed a serene babymoon, cherishing every moment together.

While the internet buzzed about Deepika’s radiant tan, what truly caught attention was the absence of a certain tattoo. Once bearing the initials ‘RK,’ symbolizing her past romance with Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika has now bid farewell to it. Following their breakup, concerns loomed over the fate of the tattoo. However, Deepika opted for laser surgery to remove it permanently, signifying her journey of moving on.

Previously, Deepika’s clever use of makeup during Cannes concealed the RK tattoo, drawing widespread attention. But now, with the tattoo eradicated, Deepika embraces a new chapter in her life, reflecting her growth and resilience.

Amidst these personal milestones, Deepika and Ranveer joyfully anticipate the arrival of their first child. The couple shared the delightful news with fans via social media, revealing their baby’s expected arrival in September 2024.

The journey of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, from serene babymoons to overcoming past symbols of love, captivates fans worldwide. As they embark on parenthood, their love story continues to inspire, symbolizing hope, growth, and the beauty of new beginnings.

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