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Cannes 2024 Big Announcement!: This Indian Film is Selected for the Prestigious La Cinef Category Garners Attention and Acclaim

Cannes 2024 has made a significant announcement regarding Indian film representation at the prestigious festival. Pune’s Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) revealed the news through its official social media channels, highlighting the selection of one of its films for nomination at Cannes. The institute expressed gratitude towards its students who contributed to the creation of the chosen movie. As anticipation builds for Cannes’ opening, let’s delve into the details of this Indian film’s nomination.

FTII took to Twitter to share the exciting news, stating, “Big announcement! We are honored to share that FTII’s student film, ‘Sunflowers were the first ones to know,’ is selected to compete at the 77th Cannes Film Festival.” The institute further elaborated that “Sunflowers Were The First Ones To Know” is the sole Indian entry among 18 short films chosen from a pool of 2,263 submissions from film schools worldwide.

Expressing appreciation for the movie’s creators, FTII extended congratulations to its talented students: Chidanand Naik (Director), Suraj Thakur (Cinematographer), Manoj V (Editor), and Abhishek Kadam (Sound Designer), for their significant achievement.

The selected film, “Sunflowers Were The First Ones To Know,” is categorized under La Cinef, a segment of the Cannes Film Festival dedicated to showcasing and promoting films from various film schools globally, thereby nurturing emerging talent.

“What is ‘Sunflowers Were The First Ones To Know’ storyline?” you may wonder. The narrative centers on an elderly woman who steals the village’s prized rooster, causing chaos within the community. In response, the villagers exile the woman as punishment. The film stars Vasudha Bharighat, Kushal BK, and Sanju Chavan, with Chidanand Naik serving as both writer and director.

This recognition at Cannes underscores the creativity and storytelling prowess fostered at FTII, as well as the talent and dedication of its students. As the festival approaches, all eyes will be on “Sunflowers Were The First Ones To Know,” representing Indian cinema on an international stage.

In summary, FTII’s film selection for Cannes 2024 signifies a remarkable achievement, spotlighting India’s cinematic excellence and the promising future of its filmmaking industry.

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