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Adil Khan Durrani Reveals His Marriage With Rakhi Sawant Is Null And Void, Says ‘Usne Mujhe Dhoke Mein Rakha’

In a recent interview, Adil Khan Durrani addressed his past marriage with Rakhi Sawant and his current union with Somi Khan. Adil Khan declared his marriage with Rakhi Sawant as “null and void”, alleging that she was already married to someone else during their time together. He discussed ongoing legal proceedings regarding the matter and defended his recent marriage to Somi Khan, asserting his rights as a Muslim to remarry. Khan emphasized that his marriage to Somi was conducted openly and in accordance with Islamic traditions, including the presence of family members and proper acknowledgment of Meher.

Adil Khan also accused Rakhi Sawant of spreading negativity, Adil asserted his right to pursue happiness and live a fulfilling life with Somi. He contrasted himself with Rakhi Sawant, expressing his preference for spreading happiness and enjoying a peaceful life with his new wife. Adil and Somi tied the knot in a simple yet heartfelt Nikah ceremony on 3rd of March, which they announced with gratitude and appreciation for their family’s and friends’ support.

Khan’s prior marriage to Rakhi Sawant in July of the previous year was followed by tumultuous events. Their relationship faced significant challenges, ultimately building up to Adil’s arrest in February 2023. These turns of events occurred in the wake of allegations made by the ‘Bigg Boss’ celebrity, implicating Khan in extramarital affairs.

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